Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fire Fire Fire!

So this is just going to be a short post but I couldn't stand to NOT record the happenings of the evening. I get home from church this afternoon and start watching some Grey's Anatomy before going over to my parents house. At about 430 my dad texts me and asks if I'm okay....I thought that was kinda weird because nothing had happened to make me not okay. He then tells me that there is some fires around town and that Brock was crying and begging him to text me and make sure I was ok. So I finished my episode and went over to my parents. As I walked out of the apartment I looked over and a whole wall of the parking garage was fallen over and huge branches were all over the back yard thing. Then as I drove across town I saw the huge billowy dark sky. Anyways I am making this longer then it needs to be but I got to my parents and they acted like it was just another normal day. I asked if they were thinking about evacuating and they were like nah...not till we can actually see the fire. As I drove over I saw a bazillion cars driving over to the south side and I was wondering how close the fire was. Needless to say we have just been chilling out at home all night, playing some games, watching some TV bags packed...haven't done a THING. I don't want to offend anyone because I am sure some people were closer to the fire and had more reason to pack but my dad walked into the bedroom after about a billion people had called and he was like ...I guess this kinda thing separates the normal from the crazy HAHHA I couldn't believe my ears..but oh well! I guess that just makes us one of a kind. Everything seems under control though and I hope not too much damage was done!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

NEW truck=GOOD luck

So a couple posts ago I told you guys about this truck that Andrew had bought. Well we ended up selling it and we made a profit of $2100 !! Way to go babe!! Anyways so we thought on what we should do with this money for a couple days. We wanted to put it in savings but we also haven't really bought anything yet our whole marriage. Andrew got a job drilling out in Taber and lets just say he is making good he banked so many hours at his last job that we still have lots of money coming in from there. Needless to say it is Christmas time and we decided that we would save all our money from now on but we were going to spend that $2100 on ANYTHING we wanted. We looked around our house and definitely both saw what we were so obviously missing....good seating. If you haven't been to our apartment then I will tell you that we have this wicked old love seat from my parents house that I put a slipcover on and bought matching pillows meets a need but sure isn't very comfortable. My cousin Lacey also let us buy this huge sectional from her for $100 and it is wicked comfortable.....BUT our apartment is set up so bad that we could only fit the one side in....and lets just say that couch is a little awkward to sit on. So we went to Ashley furniture...found the most beautiful leather couches with reclining seats...and BOUGHT them! They are brown and the "love seat" if that is what you would call two recliners with pop holders and remote holders in the middle. PLUS Ashley furniture sets up all their furniture so that you can take the frame off and put them into your place in different pieces. The whole time we were looking at this couch Andrew kept saying " this is our couch babe...this is our couch"...... he is so funny. They actually came to almost exactly what we got off the truck..just a little less AND they will probably get here a week or so before Christmas. My husband really wants a dirt bike/truck/quad/toy....but he was super supportive of buying something that we can both enjoy....and most of what we do together is watching movies so we felt it was somewhat a need. Anyways I should probably get back to my homework....I will be stuck in this library for the next 18 days....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Date Night!!

More like Date week! Tonight is the last day of not studying haha...all I have been doing is playing all week with Andy poo. Tonight we are going to Breaking Dawn and I am so so so EXCITED!!! I LOVE Jacob...ahhhh 6 pack! I have been waiting for this movie to come out forever, I am also excited about the Hunger Games. I'm suppose to screen this movie before Ciara is allowed to see it but just based on the trailer I am guessing she WON'T be allowed to see it haha. This week has been great so far. Andrew and I have got almost all our errands done, we spent time at my parents house yesterday and watched the new harry potter and we went and saw Andrew's parents today. We are so lucky to live so close to family but we are kinda feeling like going on a little adventure. Andrew is still unsure where he wants to go for school but I wouldn't mind living in Edmonton for a couple years. I hear there are lots of young families and couple which would be nice. I have lots of friends down here but our ward is not compatible with newlyweds...or maybe I am just making up excuses. We live by the hospital so you can make your own assumptions about our ward haha. Funny moment of the week is definitely Andrew cleaning the bathroom. He was such a good sport to do it but I blamed him for the poopy ring around the bathtub and therefore made it HIS turn to clean the bathroom. Anyways he started it in the morning and finished it later on in the day....I was wondering what was taking him so long. So I pretended I was on the computer and kept looking into the bathroom to see what was taking him so long. Every so often I was catch him checking himself out and flexing his muscles. HAHAHAH he cracks me up some days. Anyways T-1 hr till BREAKING DAWN WOO!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finally Done!!!

So today was officially Andrew's last day of work. He had to work from 5am yesterday morning till noon today! What a crazy boy he is. Yesterday I had two huge exams and I basically spent the whole weekend from Thursday till Sunday studying for them. I also had class all day...from 8 till 9 at night with just a short break in the middle. I found out that I got 90% on my law midterm which was worth 45% of my grade so I was pretty happy about that! Plus our prof is a wicked hard marker....maybe I should become a lawyer ;). Anyways what I was trying to get at, is that I decided to make today my weekend per say. I got home from institute at noon and Andrew and I went out to the Cheesecake for lunch. We treated our selves to a delicious meal and then a piece of chocolate peppermint cheesecake to follow which I would definitely recommend! Then my wonderful husband...seriously though...decided to take me out to the mall!!!! For the past couple months I have been talking about getting another pair of long yoga pants because they are just so dang comfortable. I only have one pair but they were originally my moms and they are a little too short for my legs. So we go to onetooth and everything is pretty picked over so I say to Andrew that we should just go home and have a nap because he hasn't slept in like 30 some odd hours. He doesn't really like that plan so much. He says to me lets go to the mall and walk around for a bit...I'm not tired right now. So we go to the mall and in a very loving way he basically tells me that wearing yoga pants with my nice "going out" jacket doesn't match so well. I love my husband but he isn't too if he thinks yoga pants and my jacket look bad together...then everyone else must as well hahahaah! I thought he just wanted to get another more casual jacket but he was talking about getting me a real nice winter jacket. After a bit of looking I realized that he wanted me to get a snow boarding type jacket...well everyone knows how much those are!!! We looked at all the big stores but I just didn't want to part with that much money!! My other coat is fine....but he we came out with a grey Burton jacket that is absolutely adorable...and now my husband can rest assured that people will stop thinking that I am incapable of dressing myself hahah. So now I'm pretty happy and I'm thinking that were going to leave...when we walk past LuLu Lemon....I didn't know we had one of these in Lethbridge...but we do! I think just for the Christmas holidays but we just went in to browse and sure enough and I walked out of there with a new pair of exercise pants.......and it doesn't end there! We proceed to below the belt where Andrew insists I buy a new pair of jeans....I keep saying no that we don't need them....and then he brings up that I only have one pair of jeans and I wear them everyday....which is true....but I'm a poor student and these are the kind of sacrifices you make. He then says...well've got a hot butt...people notice people notice you wear the same pants everyday. OVERALL a somewhat INTERVENTION took place today. For one, my Husband helped me realize that I can't dress myself...or that I just don't put a lot of time into realizing what I go out in...hahaha but MOST IMPORTANTLY I have the most selfless husband ever. He literally works soooo hard for his money and he decided that he wanted to take me out and use his hard earned money to let me enjoy being a not so poor student for a day. I absolutely love me husband...and not because of the wonderful gifts he bought me today...I love him because he puts me first in everything. He is such an amazing guy and I am so lucky to have found him. Now I just have to find a special way to show him how much I appreciate it!! Our 2 year anniversary is coming up on the 20th so maybe I will think of a great idea.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blessings Galore!!!

This week Andrew and I have been sooo blessed. We try to count our blessings everyday but this week we had really obvious blessings. I don't want to get into too much detail but Andrew and I didn't start off in a really great financial position. We have been working..welll Andrew has been working so hard to get us out of it and prepare us to feel more secure and start saving money for a house. This week Andrew went to pay his taxes...don't even ask why he is paying taxes in November lol...Anyways the guy told him that it was going to be $160 for doing the taxes...and Andrew was like...I only paid 50 last year...then the guy said were you a student last year? Anyways long story short, the lady forgot to deduct his schooling from his taxes and lets just say that saved us A LOT of money. Then Andrew has this mobile home out in Coutts that he bought to get a better knowledge of how to buy and sell a house, without it being an actual house. The guy he has got in there is renting to own but he was sooo bad at paying rent on time and he kept losing his job and just kinda scummy I guess. So one day he offered to just buy the house, he tried to skrew us over..but me being the business woman I am wouldn't take no for an answer even though softy Andrew was willing to settle. Again, long story short, he ended up giving us the money that he still owed on the house and now we don't have to worry about him trashing the house if we kicked him out or anything... it is ALL his now...and we have a big addition to our savings account!! WOO HOO! Then we had a $30 electricity bill and we only pay $525 for rent so that was pretty much a ridiculous amount for a month of bills haha. Andrew also found a truck on Kijiji that he really likes and thought it was a great find. He bought it and brought it home today...I don't really like it at all...I think part of the reason is because it has a flat deck on the back and so to me it is super ugly...but Andrew loves it. He came to the school to take me for a ride and I couldn't find my seatbelt so he pulled up in the parking lot over by the dariyqueen on the westside. He put the e-brake on and pulled the seat down to find my seatbelt...we were both looking for it and felt NOTHING...but for some reason I just looked up and I realized we were literally like 20 inches from hitting this van in the DQ drive thru. Andrew slammed on the brakes and we just couldn't believe our eyes that we DIDN'T hit this guy. We both HONESTLY did not feel a thing as we were rolling down the incline in the parking lot. I know it was because of the spirit that we didn't hit that van. Turns out the e-brake doesn't work in the truck...almost learned that the hard way...but the guy we almost hit was so NICE...I would have been peeved but he just made sure we were O.K. There were lots of other blessings this week but those were the big ones and I am so grateful we were blessed with them. I know that we can be blessed when we show the Lord our works. Andrew has been so willing to do this big new calling of his and I know MANY people would not want a calling like Andrew's. I also know it is because we pay our tithing and because of our fast on Sunday. Sometimes the Lord is just waiting to bless us if we show him our faithfulness. :)
Anyways GREAT WEEK...a lot of studying to do this weekend and I am going straight into final exams in full force!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Andrew's Career

So today Andrew and I got to spend some time together because it was too cold for him to go to work. I got off school at 1:30 and so we decided to go grocery shopping at Costco. When we got there we had lots of fun looking at all the Christmas decorations and fun books. It was really funny because when we got to actually grocery shopping Andrew kept asking for things and I would say "no we can't afford that" and this one time I said "Andrew, put that back!" and this old guy pushing a cart started laughing at us because I'm SURE he has been in Andrew's place before and his wife has told him to put things back. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. We did other various errands whilst discussing what Andrew should do with his life...we have gone through ideas such as a machinery salesman, biomedical engineer, real estate agent, mechanic, welder, any trade really.....we have no idea! I told Andrew he should be a stay at home Dad and I should just work but he didn't go for that lol!! Anyways this blog post is short but oh well, leave your thoughts and comments about what you think Andrew would be good at. Please?? :) Either on FB or here

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today was so great!! Andrew woke up way earlier then me because he had to plan he lesson...for gospel doctrine class!! Yup, Andrew got called as gospel doctrine teacher in our ward and he did such an awesome job today. I slept in till what I thought was 10:30 but it really was only 9:30 so I went back and just cuddled in my bed for a while..sometimes I just like to lay there and think about life. We went to church and fast and testimony meeting was sooo great...we have a lot of old people in our ward so we get a lot of people who really know the saviour when they bear their testimony. Our Bishop has cancer so we had a lot of people get up and share their testimony and appreciation for our Bishop. I fasted today and it was the longest fast of my life hahah we got home for church and I made some pumpkin bread with chocolate cream cheese icing to take over to my parents house for dessert. I was adding the chocolate and I didn't want to add too much and over power the cream cheese taste so I tested to see if it was good enough and then all of a sudden I saw the milk sitting out and thought "wow I am really thirsty" so I grab the jug and drink right out of it...then 30 seconds later when I was wondering why that milk tasted so good I realized I had accidentally broke my fast haha. Needless to say I went into my room said a prayer and Andrew laughed that I didn't realize I had broke my fast. We went to my parents for dinner and had roast, mashes potatoes, peas, yorkshire puddings. I am so GRATEFUL we have family that lives so close and it is cool to have family dinners now that I am married... I am really starting to appreciate good meals like that....I can't cook that good! My pumpkin bread turned out good and everyone claimed they liked I will believe them..I thought it was good. Anyways now we are just preparing our lunches and stuff for tomorrow! Have a happy monday!:)

Friday, November 4, 2011

You Can Never Win With This World!!!

Man is this post going to be a rant!!!!

You can never win with this world I tell ya!

This is not the first time I have experienced this...just the first time I have blogged about it lol

So today someone basically told me I am fat....and no I am not exaggerating.

All my life I have been teased for being too skinny,

in high school it was because I didn't have any boobs

or much of a butt.

I was teased for having big fat square yellow teeth.

I was teased for not wearing the most stylish clothes.

I was teased because I don't have the best come-backs.

I was teased because I am a dumb blonde.

I was teased for being clumsy.

I was teased for not being as smart as my friends in school.

I was teased for a lot more then that but I think that is sufficient.

My whole life I have been criticized and I have never felt good enough for anyone.

These past couple years ..yes I can say past couple years now!!

I have been with an AMAZING guy who makes me feel like I am such a catch!

He always tells me how smart, beautiful, thoughtful, amazing and wonderful I am.

So for once in my life I have NOT been stressing so much about what I look like,

if I am good enough, if I am smart enough and it feels freaking GREAT!

This might be a newsflash for some but....when I was skinny...I hadn't fully hit puberty yet! DUH!

Right now I may be a couple pounds heavier then I should be but SOO WHAT!

Did some people just think that I was never going to grow boobs and hips?!?!?!

I go from too skinny in my opinion to a healthy weight and all of a sudden I am fat?!?

or sorry...I should quote it directly from the person who said it right to my face..

"holy literally holy cow"

Well that sure makes a girl feel great....

Anyways I am really starting to realize why girls have eating disorders or on the flip side

are quite heavy. IF people would focus more on what is on the inside us ladies wouldn't have to be so self conscious of whats on the outside...

Some of us have more important things to do then count calories...

I am in 6 classes at the university and doing well in all of them,

I work a part time job of about 15 hrs a week,

I have church duties such as visiting teaching, institute class, scripture studying,

I do the laundry every week,

I hand wash all of our dishes,

I clean the rest of our house,

I take time out to go grocery shopping weekly,

I have a never ending list of homework,

I have group meetings,

I watch my little brother,

I occasionally run my sister to dance,

I hang out with my friends,

I spend every second I can with my husband

so maybe before you open your mouth you should realize that going to the gym is

LAST on my list of things to do.

I am making it my new life goal to compliment every person I have a chat with.

I am so fed up with the stupid standards that the world has said have to be met.

I am a freaking babe!!!!

Not trying to be conceded....but I get A LOT of attention from boys.




I am FUN


I am going to be a GREAT MOM




I have lots of room for GROWTH

but best of all I am HAPPY.

Misery loves company so please all of you who might be letting others get you down,


They are so NOT worth your time (I promise this blog post is not hypocritical I am just trying to make a point lol)

You are beautiful in your own way.

Love yourself and you will be happy.

I love my husband.....I am so glad I chose you babe!!!!

For the rest of my life I will be with a man who absolutely

thinks the world of me...and I am so happy about that.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today is a blah day....or atleast I am making it a blah day. I always hate when it gets to be about a month before finals...because then I have to actually start studying even if I don't have a test the next day. I am publicly making a goal to study really well for all my classes so I can get awesome grades!!! School is really starting to drag...I have been going to school non-stop since last september....and I'm in my fourth year. I do not know what to do with my life still!!!! Decisions were so much easier when I was just worrying about myself. Now I have to worry about my husband and future family ( an no that does not illude to the fact that we are pregnant because we are most definitely not). But once you get married you have to start thinking about that kind of stuff. I am so use to just going to school...doing my thing ahha and now I have to start figuring out a life plan. Andrew says not to worry about it but I'm just a stress is who I am. Anyways, the other day I desperatly needed to do laundry...Andrew was out of everything and our room was starting to smell of his cow poo smell. Our laundry day is friday afternoon but some slots are still open so I thought I would see if there was anything going on tuesday afternoon. No one was on the schedule so I ran upstairs and got our laundry. I quickly sorted it into colors and whites and then I grabbed the soap and booked it to the elavator.. you never know who would get down there before us!!! Plus our land lady is kinda a nazi and doesn't want you to have more then 10 items in a load at one time....and yes these are full size washers and dryers....crazy lady. Anyways I had stacked the too baskets one on top of the other and the soap was in the top basket...I set them down to click the elavator button....and yes....whatever your thinking in your are probably right......the baskets were so full that the top one fell off the bottom one and all the laundry detergent powder fell allllll over the floor...GREAT. So I am still paranoid that someone might stick their clothes in before me and I know Andrew REALLY needs laundry so I just scoop up enough to put in the laundry and I run downstairs. I put the stuff in the washer and run back upstairs so scoop the rest up...after scooping as much as I could and inhaling waaaay too much I went and got our vacuum. I plugged it in and starting vacuuming...I would not recommend this....I breathed in so much laundry detergent!!! I tasted laundry detergent the rest of the yeah just wanted to share that little moment with you.
Then my land lady got mad at me for not holding the door while closing it..kinda like in sacrament meeting when you hold the door till it closes....except as she is telling me this there is a construction worker down the hall using a drill or something loud....our land lady says that people on our floor like to have naps........yeah well I'm pretty sure me not holding the door isn't keeping them from having I hear a BANG BANG BANG VRMMMMM BANG BANG .
Overall it was NOT my day but they are fun to look back at and just laugh!!!