Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Favourite Man

SOOOOO ...apparently my last post could have been seen as not having the most positive things being spoken of my husband. As that was not my intention I want to write a blog completely about how much I love him!! I thought that a blog uncovering some of the humorous situations of having a husband that does things completely differently than me...I think mostly due to gender ...but from a woman's perspective might be fun but I also have lots of wonderful moments with my husband. From the very beginning I knew that Andrew was perfect for me because he is such a chatterbox! Being one myself you can see how we could just talk for hours and hours. Andrew is SO unique...i remember on our first date he played a question game and asked me all different sorts of questions...not the awkward where are you from? how many people in your family? types of questions but questions such as what do you see yourself doing and who do you see yourself being in 5 years? I knew from that moment that he was something special. One of Andrews most coveted traits is his generosity, he is always offering to pay or offering to share what he has... I cannot believe how much I am going to change over the course of our marriage...I am not a sharer. Andrew loves being in nature! While I like it in the hot sun he likes it any way it comes. He loves Waterton especially ..he wants to live there one day. Andrew LOVES spending time with is my love language so I oblige completely! Sometimes we get stuck watching 24 for hours because we just love being in each others night we played angry birds for so long that a little message came up saying...devoted player you have been on for 3 hrs. Andrew is so complimentary of me..he is always telling me how nice I look even when I look gross. He always brags about me to other people and I secretly love it. I don't care so much that the other people think I am great but I love that I have a man that is confident enough to say how lucky he is...that is rare...definitely. As much as this could be taken as negative..I say it in the most positive way...Andrew is a little bit girlie... he loves heart to hearts and he is so sensitive to me. I have definitely seen my husband cry more then he has seen me cry... also a rarity...who doesn't love a manly man that wears his emotions on his sleeve! Andrew is great with fixing things! He is always over at someone's house helping them fix something. He is such a great new member of the Hendry family... though it took him a while to warm up to us he sure has got comfortable with the crazyness of my family. Andrew always tries to fulfill my needs...he is such a great provider and I know he just wants what is best for us. He is so ambitious and has so many wonderful dreams. I am such a pessimist and Andrew is always there to point out the bright side and I love that about him. He is such a good priesthood holder and I love that comfort. He always makes sure we have prayer before bed and I'm so glad that he has such initiative. I think the best thing about Andrew is that he is SO much like my Grandpa Lyons. It is actually crazy how similar they are...My mother and I were just discussing it. They have SUCH hearts of GOLD. My husband is all I could have asked for and more :) Babe... this post is for you! I hope you always know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I would do anything for you and I want the world to know that too! Our biggest lesson we have learned being married is...don't judge another till you have walked in their shoes and I know that is so true!
I love you Andrew Maclean <3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exam Week

Well, whether my posts be few and far can bet on one thing....procrastinating exam study will remind me of my long lost blog. Since last year around this time I have blogged a good 5 times! Hopefully this year it won't be so bad. My husband...YES ..husband! I got hitched during my absence from blogging ...scored me a sweet summer job. I am an office assistant for Vivint and therefore get to work a couple hours a day and enjoy the perks of summer. Of course workaholic Nicole came through and I signed up for 3 summer classes. I am taking human resource management, finance and another one. In my spare time I hope to read a billion books that are interesting!! So if you have any suggestions let me know. My husband already got an ear full from me and will most likely be out working all the time in order to stay away from my wrath..he wants to buy a house and I am just...pushing and supporting him ( well that is what I like to tell myself I am doing). Anyways, I promised in my description of my redesigned blog that I would tell a couple funny stories about married life/men that make a lot of people laugh. So Andrew and I had been married for a whole week, we had just got back from our honeymoon and the house was a mess. I started doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom...etc etc. When I come to find Andrew sitting on the couch....not even with the T.V. on. I asked him what he was doing and told me he was doing the don't look like you are doing the laundry I say.....well he says....I am WAITING for the laundry.... OK so let me get this straight...while you sit here and wait for the laundry you are going to watch me do everything else......he looks at me.....I look at him.....he gets up to help....yeah thats what I thought!! It may not be easy to live with me but my husband sure is a trooper! He makes me laugh so hard sometimes but is also very frustrating ! Since when do boys leave more clothes on the bedroom floor then girls....since when does a boy not know the difference between a facecloth and a dish rag....and since when did men become so STINKY...I guess when your dating you see mostly the best of one another...marriage is a different story..but we are both learning! For better or for worse I always say.... maybe I should go study before I say too much!
Nicole Maclean!