Monday, October 19, 2015


I have not blogged in forever, it seems! And the last post I did was rather dramatic haha but all is still well over at the Maclean house. We having been moving along slowly but surely. I put Scarlette in ballet class (photos to come!) and she absolutely loves it. I was a little nervous for her because I still have been going to nursery with her but she stayed during the first class and hasn't looked back. 

Andrew is heading into his 2nd year of automotive tech school. It's technically only a few months but come December he will be officially a 3rd year mechanic. Can I get a woo-hoo?? This has been a long time coming for us. From trying to get on with the police, to wondering if we should do Vivint for a few more years..this all just kind of fell into our laps. It seems kind of silly to say that though, seeing as my Dad owns a mechanic shop but ...I just really didn't know that Andrew would have such a passion for it. Pretty exciting stuff for him! During his last semester of school he was top of his class and ended up receiving 3 different scholarships, which was really, really nice. Trades people have it made! They get paid for 10 months of the year, go to school for 2, get EI while they are at school and basically if you fill out the right forms, the Alberta government pays for you to go to school. Lucky for Andrew, he has an awesome wife that fills out all the forms for him. 

Lexi is an absolute dolly. I am seriously so smitten with her. I love both my girls equally but I just have such a strong connection with Lex. She is so peaceful and cuddly. Scarlette is such a spit fire...but that comes with A LOT of hilarious moments. She keeps us on our toes. Lexi started walking a few months ago, which I was ecstatic about. That took FOREVER! She is a great eater and a great sleeper. I'm not use to this kind of baby. She will go to bed at 8:30pm and wake up at 9:30am. No fuss at all. I can just hear her on the baby monitor chatting with herself in the morning. Scarlette on the other hand.....oi! She seriously NEVER sleeps. At least it feels that way. I definitely feel overwhelmed at times with her. She will not sleep unless Andrew and I are that means it is pretty hard to stay up late and edit photos when I have a little buddy that basically runs my show and won't go to sleep unless I do. 

I am currently swamped with photos, but definitely enjoying the busy season. I have SO MUCH MORE TO LEARN about photography, it is so nice that people are so willing to have such an amateur take their photos. I'm excited with what the future will bring. --SEGWAY--I was on pinterest today scrolling some photography ideas when an article popped up that was "recommended for me". It was titled "9 things people with clean houses do everyday" of course I clicked on it. Tell me more of these magical things that will keep my house clean. One of the suggestions that popped up was " clean while you go, for example, load the dishwasher as the chicken is cooking"....I just LAUGHED out LOUD. Seriously?? was this article made for people who have children? Do you know what I'm doing while making dinner? First, my children are hangry so they are wanting "PRE-Dinner", which is basically me dumping fruit snacks out onto the TV stand and telling them to fend for themselves. I also probably haven't had the chance to even empty the dishwasher yet, which coincidentally was second on their list " Empty dishwasher first thing in the morning". So I'm already behind for the day, according to the list. I've tried the whole "empty the dishwasher" while the toddler is walking around, you know what happens if I turn my back for like 0.00001 second? My toddler is all of a sudden trotting around with a knife in her hand. So if there is still clean dishes in the dishwasher, loading it with dirty ones is just out of the question. I scan the list again for another thing that could be an option for me. "Make your bed before you leave in the morning"...seriously? I make everyone's bed before I leave in the morning....a nicely made bed is just an invitation for my children to climb up and jump like crazo's till there isn't any evidence left of a made bed. It probably doesn't help that I fed them fruit snacks for breakfast (as well as "PRE-dinner") either, so they are hopped up on sugar. At this point I am just laughing at all the other options on the list, I guess I will accept the mess and move on. No one is invited over unless I know you are coming! Got it!? hahah.