Sunday, January 26, 2014

Daddy Do-over

I just have to blog about the Maclean happenings this morning because they are pretty memorable. This story starts a couple days ago....I was at superstore looking for magnetic alphabet letters (still haven't found those yet so if you know where to find them let me know!) We went into the baby section for diaper genie refills and I noticed the baby shampoo was on sale (score)! So I went over to the purple lavender scent (our favourite) and made sure that I matched the underneath label code to the shampoo (I've worked at a pharmacy for 8 years so I would say that I'm well versed in this area of expertise). I don't go to Superstore often but EVERY SINGLE TIME I go when I get to the check-out my items never come up on really ticks me off! Anyways, the deal was so good that I grabbed a pink melon one and coral honeydew one or something like that (forget the scents...but colour will become important later on). We grabbed a couple more things and headed up to the check-out....we waited in line for a while and Scarlette and I were both getting grumpy. Sure enough my purple baby shampoo comes up full price and the pink and coral ones are on sale. I politely say that I checked the label and the purple one was also on sale (I also made sure what the limit was: 4). The guy called over to the baby department and they basically said "too bad, it's not on sale". I thought maybe they would just give it to me because it was marked wrong but alas they would not. This happens to me all the time at Superstore so I decided to avoid the argument and just get the pink and coral ones. Later that evening I was telling Andrew how I couldn't believe my luck at Superstore! I ALWAYS grab an item on sale and then as my baby is getting grumpier by the minute someone checks the price, tells me I'm wrong and then I leave the item. So I was basically bashing superstore. I know this is probably an extremely boring topic for Andrew to listen to but this is my life right now and that was one of the more interesting things that happened that day. I could tell he wasn't really listening to me so I proceeded to get grouchy at him for not listening very good. I told him specifically about the colours of the shampoo and how I switched Scarlette over to a pink one if he didn't see the purple one anymore when he was bathing her. I basically got a "yeah, yeah,yeah" from him but I could tell it had gone in one ear and out the other. 

So back to this morning. Andrew took Scarlette in the shower with him so I could get ready in peace upstairs. I was straightening my hair when I hear Scarlette start screaming...I thought he might have dropped her (I did that once when she was 4 months old..oops!) but I didn't hear a thud so I didn't immediately run downstairs. Then I kept hearing him say "what's wrong hun" "why are you crying" so then I realized that even he doesn't know what is wrong and by this time she is just wailing! So I ran downstairs and into the bathroom. I started asking him all these questions "did you drop her?" he said "no" then I asked "why is she crying" and he started getting grouchy with me and was like " I don't know!!" So I was trying to ask questions to get to the bottom of what happened because sometimes Men can't deduce as good as women. He said "I think she started crying after I shampooed  her hair...she keeps rubbing her eyes and screaming"... I then asked if he had rinsed it all out of her hair and off of her face...he stopped responding so I kept asking getting more and more impatient because I wanted to get her out of the shower and figure out what was wrong. He snapped on me so I then snapped on him haha and told him not to snap on me just because he felt like a retard (I know this sounds terrible but we were laughing about it like half an hour later). I finally opened the door to the shower and said she never cries when I shampoo her hair...did you accidentally get your shampoo in her eyes?? Then he said " NO! I used the purple stuff like I always do"......then I got this sinking feeling because my shampoo is pink, Scarlette's new shampoo is pink...and the only thing that is purple in the shower is the Bath and Body works body wash. So my poor baby had a huge handful of body wash rinsed into her eyes......OUCH!! Needless to say I got her out of the shower and comforted her while Andrew dried off. Her eyes were all red and puffy for about 10 minutes but then after singing multiple verses of "Old Macdonad" she was ready to get dressed and run around. I could tell Andrew felt super bad because he came in and was apologizing to Scarlette. Then the joking began between the two of us about how crappy of parents we are lol and how poor Scarlette has to endure our experimenting for the next while. Andrew also inquired about why I wouldn't have thought to inform him of my change in shampoo's.....Men. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Years 2013

Continuation from Christmas 2013 Post: The next day was boxing day and I use to LOVE going boxing day shopping but maybe kids has changed me because I have absolutely no desire to shop on boxing day anymore. I'm sure it would be more fun if I wasn't pregnant and could go with just Andrew but for the next couple years I'm pretty sure it won't be appealing to me. My parents didn't go anywhere either so they invited me over for a movie day. Andrew was up before Scarlette and I so he had started watching the Good Wife to try and catch up to me. Even though Andrew isn't really into traditions he seriously has one going on that he doesn't even realize.... After the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve/Day with my family he is totally tuckered out and this is the 5th year running that I have found him in his garments/lounge wear, snuggled in a blanket with a huge tin of Quality Street and wrappers scattered everywhere. I remember the first year we were together (we started dating November 2009) I had gone over to his house on boxing day to get him for fun holiday festivities and he seriously was doing the EXACT same thing. Needless to say, we left him at home and just Scarlette and I went to my parents. Dad made us some breakfast and we ended up watching the Lone Ranger which Scarlette slept through and I was seriously having a hard time making sense of lol. Andrew worked on his sled the following day and Scarlette and I stayed home and got some of the housework caught up with. Saturday we went up to Calgary and went shopping. The malls were busy but actually surprisingly easy to get around in. Usually we are stuck behind slow walkers or people heading as fast as they can towards us...we can never win. We shopped for most of the day but Andrew and I didn't have too much money that we wanted to spend so we didn't buy too much. I bought a cute little light pink onesie that says "cutest little sister" and it is one of the only things I plan on buying for the new baby. After shopping we headed over to the Zoo lights and it was FREEZING. Then Dad treated us to Olive Garden which is one of my favourite places to eat. We had such a great time! I can hardly remember what we did for New Years and it was only 3 weeks ago lol. I got sick again New Years Eve with a soar throat/stuffy nose so I'm sure the baby was just loving all the down time I was having during the holidays. We went over to my parents house on New Years Eve and made personal pizza's, ate treats and played a few games. Scarlette started to get really grumpy at 10:30 so we didn't make it to midnight over there but Andrew and I got home and decided to watch a movie. I'm not THAT into NewYear's so after our movie we wished each other Happy New Years and went to bed lol....oh the life of a 23 year old married/pregnant girl. Then it was back to regular life! We sure miss having Daddy home but he goes stir crazy when he has too much time off. 


Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

I get super excited about Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday!!! My love language is "Gifts" and I always have such a great time trying to get everyone the perfect gift. Some people get stressed out about this but I strive off of this time of year. It is my excuse to buy gifts for everyone I love! If I had a million dollars I would be buying people gifts left, right and centre...but alas I am poor. So brace yourself for a super boring post about all the gifts given and received....remember this is my primary method of journalling these days.

Now that I'm married, Andrew and I don't do a lot of surprise gifts (though I wouldn't complain if he did try to surprise me..). We tend to buy gifts that were already somewhat a need. This year, Andrew needed an impact gun for work (not cheap) so that was his "Santa Gift" and my Uggs, which aside from the fact are terribly ugly, were falling apart. So Santa brought Andrew an impact gun and I got a nice pair of boots from Spring....I mean...the North Pole. I also bought Andrew season 1/2 of Modern Family, snow pants, gloves, quality street and one of those faceless angel things of a couple embracing (haha more for me then him). I received boots, some church books, the Simon Dewey 2014 Calendar (LOVE) and Lindor chocolate. Scarlette was incredibly spoiled this year but I'm confident that Andrew and I will be buying a house near the end of 2014 so we probably won't be buying much this coming Christmas. Scarlette got the Little People's klippity klop castle and an Ariel Doll from Santa. Andrew and I gave her a Rapunzel doll, Nemo puzzle/random puzzles, 3 Disney books with sound buttons, clothes galore, magnetic thomas the train engines, extra klippity klop horses, baby doll with a car seat and some new disney movies. I thought she would be totally into unwrapping all the gifts this year but once she saw her big klippity klop castle (we don't wrap santa gifts) she was pretty set on daddy putting it together for her. I had come down with the flu overnight so I literally was laying on the couch trying to enjoy a bit of Christmas between running back and forth from the bathroom so I couldn't really get down there with her and show her how to open the gifts.

I guess I need to also include Christmas Eve in this blog post. My mom got a seasonal job at Costco this year so she was working all day Christmas Eve. We usually hold Christmas eve at our house and all of the extended family comes over for Chili, buns, meat and cheese platters, finger food etc. but this year it was going to be a little too stressful for my mom to have everything ready while also working all day long. My family still really wanted to get together though because last year on the 23rd we lost my Grandpa and it has been important for us to spend time together like he would have wanted us to do. SO we delegated different parts of the meal, my Dad decided to make ham instead of Chili but we just decided to have my two uncle's, their significant others and kids and my Grandma over instead of the whole extended family. I was in charge of the two pans of funeral potatoes and some desserts so I spent most of the day in the kitchen. Andrew got to come home from work at noon so he was able to hang out with Scarlette while I cooked. We headed over to my parents house and helped my Dad set up a bit and then everyone came over. My family isn't the conventional mormon clan lol...both my uncles are inactive as well as their kids so we mostly just put up a bunch of chairs and visit during big family gatherings! I wish we played more games but you can't have it all!!The teenagers usually ditch early or hide in their rooms in the case of my sister haha and the little kids beg to open their Christmas eve present ALL NIGHT. Everyone left around 9 but my Grandma stayed for an hour after that. I sure love that lady! She is the best grandma EVER. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to go home to a big house and not have a spouse to enjoy Christmas with. Especially when you have spent 45 years of your life with that person! The little kids (Brock and Scarlette) opened a present and then we headed back to our place. We put Scarlette to bed and then I "set-up" Christmas...eeek! It was the first time I had done it and I was SO excited!!! I hand stitched four stockings this year and so it kinda felt like our First Christmas as a family!

Side Story--I picked out all of my gifts this year (Andrew really is NOT into the whole gift giving thing haha) he asked if I would be mad if he didn't get me a surprise gift and I was so wrapped up in Scarlette's Christmas that I really could have cared less BUT I did say that I wanted him to wrap the TWO gifts that I picked out lol. Andrew was watching T.V. as I was setting up Christmas and we were clocking in around 1am.....he still hadn't wrapped my gifts. I had reminded him a few times that week....I even had all the stuff out and was wrapping presents for FHE on Monday and he said he would do it later. SO I finish with setting up and we head downstairs to bed, as we are laying in bed I straight up say (I'm pregnant  and emotional remember) "Andrew, you didn't even wrap my presents!" ...then he is all like "What?!? you told me not too" and then I said "I told you I didn't need a surprise present but at least to wrap the ones I had picked out" and he said " No, you didn't, you said not to wrap them"...anyways we went on like this for a couple minutes until I KNEW he remembered that I told him to wrap my gifts. Now if this was the first year of our marriage I would have been totally prideful and said "Don't even bother" and assumed that he would take that as "get your butt upstairs and wrap my presents" but after 3 years of getting to know Andrew(men in general) I am well aware that you have to straight up tell them what to do because they won't read into what you truly mean when you say "don't even bother". So I sent his butt upstairs at like 2am to wrap my presents HAHAHA...good memories....Andrew has told that story a lot lately and I never get the chance to say what REALLY happened.

SOOOO.... I had a really hard time falling asleep and my stomach was going nutso. I thought it might just be nerves that everything would turn out how I imagined but I knew by about 3 am that I had picked up an illness from the family gathering. Needless to say I was throwing up all night and just laid on the couch all morning. I was so sad not to be able to really get into unwrapping presents with Scar this Christmas but as I laid on the couch it was really apparent to me what Christmas is all about. As I looked at Andrew and Scarlette laying on the floor playing with her castle I realized how much I love my little family. They are so special to me. Thoughts of the new baby crept into my mind as well as thoughts of the saviour. Without him I wouldn't be able to be with my family forever and celebrating his birth became the most important thing on my mind that day. I know this may sound so cliche but it really isn't about the boxes and bows (though it is still OK to enjoy those things too). We have been SO blessed this year in our home. Heavenly Father is mindful of each and every one of us, even if that seems impossible!

After opening some gifts we jumped in the car and headed to my parents house. When I walked up the stairs I looked over and saw a HUGE box and immediately starting crying!!! My dad also shares the love language of gifts and it has been a big joke in our house that after all the presents are bought my Dad still has to go out, usually Christmas eve, and buy something extravagant (that we totally don't deserve) for each kid that ends up being a surprise for everyone...including my Mom! This year my parents were asking what I wanted and I said that the only thing I wanted was too expensive so to just get me something small. I was joking the Sunday before Christmas that I expected a Yamaha keyboard under the tree after my Mom and Dad's big trip to Calgary the day before. I thought if I said it that close to Christmas my presents would already be purchased and my Dad wouldn't get any crazy ideas...but I was wrong. It was probably the BEST Christmas present EVER. I have wanted a keyboard since I got married three years ago and have totally missed just being able to sit down and play whenever I want. I will NEVER forget this Christmas and how much it meant to me to receive that special gift. I love my Daddy!!! Scarlette opened her presents from Grandma and Grandpa which included the Little People's musical Princess castle, more clothes, a car mat and other little gifts. At 11 am Grandma came over and we all sat around in the living room waiting to hear the Skype sound go off on the computer! My brother Austin is currently serving a mission in Barbados and we were able to Skype with him for an hour on Christmas morning! It really was the BEST gift. We all squished into my parents room and fought to get a look at his smiling face! He seems SO happy. He really is a changed boy. Service looks good on him! He is doing awesome out there and has just been made a trainer only 3 months into his mission! After chatting with him we all went back into the living room so the kids could play with their gifts and I could lay down some more. We went home around 1pm and Scarlette wasn't looking so good either so her and I stayed home and napped while Andrew went to his parents house for dinner. He came home a couple hours later and we all just laid around for the rest of the evening. My Grandma has Christmas dinner at her house but I wasn't feel well enough to leave the couch lol. It was definitely one of the quietest Christmas days I have ever had but it was kinda nice just spending time with my little family all day...and the bathroom haha.

WHEW. Now to tackle the holidays and New Years. Sorry for the lengthy post but I HAVE to remember every detail!!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Maclean #2

I always knew that I wanted to have my children in two's, I also knew I wanted a big family! I would love to have 6 children but Andrew is leaning more towards 4. He grew up in a family of 9 children and even though he loves his parents and all they sacrificed for him, he can't help but want to give his children things that he wasn't able to have. I grew up in a family of 4 children and we were very blessed to always have the opportunity to participate in a sport and in a music lesson every year. I leaned towards music, I played soccer for 7 years but I'll be honest, I was no good. Andrew didn't get to participate in extra curricular activities so he would like to be able to have our children participate in them without it affecting how much food is on the table. Anyways, that was kind of beside the point haha. 

Scarlette breastfed for 11 months and sure enough July 3rd I was visited by that special fairy that I hadn't been in contact with for 20 months (it was a nice break). Andrew and I knew we wanted two close together but for some reason Andrew kept telling me that he had a feeling that it would take us a year to get pregnant with the second. I started getting a little bit nervous because I didn't want him to be right. So, I guess we better start trying I thought! Well.....a LMP of July 3rd puts us at April 10th as our baby's due date....guess Andrew was wrong. I'm a little nervous but if I'm avoiding a summer baby I will take whatever I'm given haha!! 

This pregnancy has been different then the first and I have complained a lot. I was working at the time and knew something was up when I started craving Miss.Vicki's sweet chili and sour cream potato chips for breakfast instead of say...lucky charms. The first couple weeks I had tons of cravings that I couldn't keep control of... I just HAD to HAVE whatever I was craving. This one day I had an intense craving for McDonald's and Andrew had read an article about McDonald's beef so he refused to go get me a big mac. Then I just started bawling my face was the weirdest he ended up going out and getting me my big mac HAH. I also couldn't avoid dairy queen onion rings and a cherry cheesecake blizzard...we made quite a few visits there as well. Then the nausea hit...every morning I would wake up and not want to eat anything! Nothing appealed to me and then my blood sugar would drop, the nausea would increase, I would finally resolve to eat something and by that time it was too stomach rejected it. You think I would have learned after weeks and weeks of this to just force myself to eat something but I just COULDN'T. It is a really hard thing to explain...having absolutely no  desire to eat anything. I waited till I was about 16 weeks till I decided it wasn't going away and got some dicletin. It worked like a charm! I was only on that for about 6 weeks, ran out, and felt good ever since. I have also been super tired this time around. I can fall asleep in a matter of seconds if I lay my head down. Scarlette and I have enjoyed many a naps together in the past couple months. I didn't realize how much energy it takes to raise a one year old and be pregnant. This baby also moved super early...around 15 weeks I could recognize movement. Not everyday but every couple days I would be getting ready for bed and could feel her. As this pregnancy has progressed I have realized how different these children are going to be. Scarlette was a mover but she also had A LOT of downtime...she is definitely more chill like Andrew. This baby has kicked me a couple times where I seriously yelped out in pain and felt numbness afterwards LOL!! Feisty!! This baby is also awake a lot more then I ever remember Scarlette being awake. I feel her move a lot during the day and she even wakes me up at night....speaking of night time....I have actually considered wearing an adult diaper haha. I wake up at least 3 times a night to go pee. I remember waking up at around 5 am with Scarlette in the last month of pregnancy and then going back to bed. CRAZY SECOND BABY! 

Anyways, this post turned out to be way longer then I anticipated. More on Baby Maclean #2 in another post!! 

New Beginnings

For FHE a few weeks ago, Andrew and I decided to make a big list of goals that we wanted to accomplish this year. The biggest thing we considered was even though our list of goals was long, we wanted them to be attainable. We had the goals divided into sections which included, family goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, marital goals and of course a few of our own personal goals. Some of the things I considered as personal goals included more consistent scripture study that would include my children. Even though it is hard at this age, I know that now is the time for habit forming. I got this really sweet BOM summary with pictures and small amounts of reading so that I may be able to keep a certain someone's interest up for longer then 2 seconds. One of my other major goals was to keep a record of these early years. I get so wrapped up in day to day life that sometimes I lay in bed at night and worry that I won't remember all the special times that we have shared in these early family growth years. SO...this blog is about to get a lot more personal. Don't worry, I won't be sharing anything shock worthy, disagreements with my husband will still stay private ;) as well as anything else that seems TMI. BUT, this blog will no longer serve as my way to update friends and family. I will write things that I would consider writing in a a lot of these blog posts will become very boring. Also, my life is my children right now so that will be the majority of the things I will be writing about, you've been warned! I am so bad with sitting down and journaling with a pen and paper that I didn't feel it was an attainable goal. However, I am on the computer quite a bit and really have no excuse not to share some feelings more then once every 3 months haha! So, get ready for a whole slew of "catch-up" blog posts.