Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Owie

So Andrew told me that this story was soo funny that I had to blog about it. I doubt anyone else will laugh very hard since it was kind of a "had to be there" moment. Yesterday I asked Andrew if he wanted me to make him a sub sandwich and he said yeah can you make me two please. So I grab the buns and was cutting them so we could stick the ham and cheese in them. When I got to the third bun I got distracted talking to Andrew and sliced one to many times and went right through to my finger. Keep in mind that even if I get a papercut I get faint and I hate blood plus I have never cut myself with a knife before. So the first thing I say is "oowww" and then I start freaking myself out more and say "ooooowwwwww" kinda with the "on the verge of crying voice" and then Andrew says " oh no hunny..." and starts coming towards the kitchen and so I started freaking out even more and just burst out crying...and then Andrew grabs me in kind of a hug to try to calm me down and by that time I am already squeezing my eyes shut imagining that blood is spurting out of my finger....HAHAH so funny to think about it now. So anyways Andrew runs and grabs a kleenex and he comes back and says "let me see it sweetheart" and I say "nooooooooo I don't want to show it to you" and he says "just let me see how deep it is" and then I start crying even harder imagining how deep this cut could possibly be....I mean I went through it with one of those big bread knives so I thought it was prolly right to the bone. Anyways by this time I am just sobbing and so andrew forces me to open my finger so he can look at it and he basically says "you are going to live"...imagine that!!!

So he gets me to the bedroom and lays me on the bed so that he can start calming me down ( I'm such a freak show!). He says to just lay there for a few minutes and calm down and then we can clean it up. So as I'm laying there I feel faint and my body is shaking and I just can't believe that I have cut myself. I am still bawling at full force but I get kinda brave and open the kleenex to have a look...after all I'm laying down and the blood hasn't soaked through the kleenex bad could it be. I open the kleenex and there is a teensy weensy spot of blood on there and so I start laugh crying because I feel like such a fool for freaking out so bad. So Andrew comes in and there I am hysterically laughing and crying at the same time...he comes and sits on the edge of the bed and he is hysterically laughing......I say to him " So I kinda freaked out a bit" and he says "yeah you kinda did, you remind me so much of a kid sometimes! This is why I married you! because you do cute things like this". Anyways Andrew doesn't really know the extent of my freak-ness and doesn't even know if we have bandaids in the the girl who never injures herself tells him that she has bandaids and polysporin in the bathroom ....just being prepared for a situation like this, the cut was actually decently deep but I am hoping to have a full recovery. SOOOO now Andrew has a new story to tell everyone could even ask him about when I got scared because of the movie trailers of paranormal activity 3 and freaked out all night too if your in the mood for embarassing stories involving me...anyways that is all for today! I will try to post more often lol!