Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So I haven't blogged in a week and thought it was about time to update the world/2 followers. School is really starting to pick up so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me as often until May. Baby Scarlet is doing great and kicking up a storm!( she is even kicking up a storm right now!) She has tons of new clothes as Grandma Hendry is dead set on spoiling her and it just so happens that all the clothes that I bought last summer were girl clothes lol! Everyone told me I was crazy for buying baby clothes early but they were cheap and I had a 50/50 shot right?? Anyways onto other news. Andrew and I moved last weekend and holy man do we have a lot of stuff... I didn't realize how much stuff we had until we had to box it all up. When we got it into our new place it all fit perfectly and it even seems like we don't have that much stuff. Regardless...I don't want to move again for a while! We got our cable set up and our wi-fy working as well. Which as some of you know was being stupid in the apartment.....the guy just turned it on and it worked here...I set it up right and everything...apparently I'm not an idiot at technology! Now were all settled into our new house and our new ward and I even got asked to sing in church in a couple weeks...Sister. Steed is in my ward so she caught me lol!

Another thing that has been going on lately....I have become super sensitive to abortion. I have always thought that abortion was wrong and I have always thought that people who were stupid enough to have unprotected sex should have to carry the baby to term and then put it up for adoption if they didn't want it. Btw I will note before I go any further that I do believe that there are circumstances were abortion is appropriate such as rape or the life of the mother being in danger. BUT since being able to feel my baby move and throughout the pregnancy being able to read up on how big my baby is getting every week and what she can do it has been hard knowing that babies as big as mine can be aborted. I have done some research and laws are different all over the world but I don't know how abortion can even be allowed?? These are living human beings....their hearts start beating at 5 weeks!!! There are even some countries that will abort a baby up till 9 months. It is called partial delivery abortion. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and trust me I have read some ignorant comments on the subject such as the babies don't feel it or they are just a ball of cells...etc. but shouldn't that be true of the unborn baby?? Don't they get a say?? It just seems so hard to wrap my head around the fact that if you get pregnant you can just kill the baby...and people do this multiple times!! There are sooo many families out there looking to adopt a baby of their own. There are so many loving homes where women were not able to have their own children and are dying to be mothers. If you made a mistake and don't wish to have a baby don't you think it is the least you could do to sacrifice and carry the baby for 9 months??? I mean...I've been pregnant for 5 months already and it feels like I JUST got pregnant. Anyways....sorry for the rant...must be a 1st time pregnancy thing.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


SOOOO I think Carly Piper and I have switched babies lol. We have due dates that are within days of each other and her mother's intuition told her she was having a girl and I was FOR SURE that I was having a boy but ...we switched lol. I honestly cannot describe how happy I am right now! Every girl wishes to have a little girl of her own and now that I'm having one I don't ever have to worry about not getting my little girl again. I could have a house full of boys after my baby girl and be completely happy.

I went into the doctors on Thursday morning..a long wait from Monday morning. Dr.Koegler was checking the babies heartbeat and it was 161 so we always joke that its a girl because her heartbeat is going really fast. So he says " It's a girl!" and I was like "IT IS?!?!" and he was like " oh...I don't know I'm just haven't found out yet?!?!" and I was like "no I had a crappy ultrasound tech" so he rushes over to the computer and brings up the ultrasound results......and he turns the computer screen away from me!!! TORTURE! So he explains to me that the baby is a little small but everything is normal but my umbilical cord is a 2VC. So to anyone who doesn't know what that means (I didn't) most babies have a vein bringing nutrients and stuff in from mommy and then 2 arteries taking waste out from baby....but my cord only has 1 vein and 1 artery. It is supposidly only suppose to be a worry if the heart isn't developing correctly but ours is perfect! So then after he explains that in detail he lets me search the page till I find the predicted gender. I spot an "F" and I honestly was so dumbfounded I had to ask if "F" meant FEMALE.... PREGNANCY BRAIN MOMENT!! Anyways he said yes and I honestly COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. Anyways in a nutshell Andrew came home from work early ( he was secretly sooo happy to be getting a little girl ) and my mom and I went shopping like crazy. This child has a bazillion clothes already. I'm going to post some pics on facebook soon. Anyways we have just been soaking it all in and enjoying referring to "it" as a "she". Plus my belly realllllly popped this week. Being pregnant is sooo strange sometimes...I went to bed one size and woke up a totally different size. As they say in my pregnancy book...nearing the 5 months mark there is "no hiding the fact that you are pregnant".

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well, I probably will never look forward to another ultrasound again lol. Don't get me wrong, seeing the baby was an amazing experience but lets just say the ultrasound tech really has a lot to do with the experience. Being a first timer, I didn't realize how much 3 cups of water really was. My friends know me as the girl who takes 3 hrs to drink half a can of pop so to drink 3 cups of water was a huge feat! It took me about 5 minutes and I felt like puking after haha. So I sat on the couch for about 20 minutes and then that little feeling of having to go pee began. I still had an HOUR to wait. So at around 11:45 I could no longer stand to be in the apartment with the toilet so close and inviting haha. We headed to Radiology and Associates where I honestly almost wet my pants lol. At 12:15 on the dot our ultrasound called us and we headed into the room. I told her this was my first baby so she should have known that I wouldn't know what was going on. Talk about not having ANY compassion. She didn't even explain what was going to be happening during the exam she just started going at it. So about 3 minutes into the exam I asked how the heartbeat was and she snapped back "it's regular". Then I asked her what she was measuring and she was like "I'm going to do my work first and then we will do the show and tell" (I wish I could tell this story with the tone she was using---always use a mean tone when you read what she says lol!!). I completely understand that she didn't want to be bombarded with questions the whole exam but lets be real...I'm a first timer and I am BOUND of have questions. Anyways to lighten the mood after she was being so rude I said "is the head big??" and she was like " I'm not allowed to comment on the health of the baby...the head is regular!" So after that I just shut-up because I didn't want to get snapped at anymore. Andrew and I quietly chatted back and forth about the things he thought he was seeing. He saw the heart beating and he saw our babies foot and basically all the good stuff lol. Well the show and tell was about 5 minutes long where she showed us the profile of our baby, its face, its legs, its arms and its spine. By this time I was annoyed because I am practically going to pee my pants and I want to see my dang baby for longer then 5 minutes!!! ( my sheet told me it was a 45minute exam and we had been in there for like 20 minutes) So I go on to say " is my baby a prude or do you know the gender?" ...she didn't really understand what I was asking and so she snapped back " I'm not allowed to disclose the gender of the baby". So I was like " yeah I understand that but do YOU know the gender" and she was like "yes of course". So then I was like "I know you can't tell me the gender but can you hover over that area and she was like "no." SOOOO then she threw a towel on me and said to wipe off and then she was like "here's your pictures and the bathroom is right outside this door..your free to leave". Most horrible ultrasound tech ever!!!! I honestly thought they would be a little bit more fun with the patient...after all it is the most exciting time of a girls life!

Anyways we have been moving small stuff this week and plan to be done moving by Saturday. Tomorrow is my appt. with Dr. Koegler so we will find out the gender tomorrow morning....FINALLY lol!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Countdown in hours!!

Well the countdown is on for our ultrasound. We go at 12:15 tomorrow so Andrew and I are going to get up bright and early and possibly go for a walk and then try out IHop lol. We will then proceed to drink 3 cups of water and wait till my bladder is about to explode where we will then find out the gender of this baby. I swear if this baby is a prude then I will be sooooo ticked. I plan to buy an outfit for our baby right after we find out what it is so we can show everyone instead of tell them. I don't really have much time right now because I have some last minute homework to do but this week has been such an amazing week. I don't remember which day but we got some text messages from Breanne and Kevin telling us there was a spot opening up at their townhouse. We LOVE Breanne and Kevin's townhouse btw. It is large, it has full size appliances, it has parking spaces that are 5 feet from the door (no more hauling groceries up the elevator and taking 10 billion trips). It has hookups for a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. It has tons of storage space are allowed to have kids. PLUS it is only $650 per month and we couldn't find anything less then $950 that wasn't on the North Side. This honestly could not have come at a better time for us. We were planning on staying in this little apartment till I had the baby and then we were going to find somewhere to stay till Andrew got on with the police.....which was stressing me out because who likes to move at 9 months pregnant?? Long Story short it is PERFECT for us and we have definitely seen the Lord's hand in our life A LOT lately. He is really guiding us and blessing us. Anyways homework time!! I will update tomorrow if the ultrasound tech tells us the gender of the baby!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

19 weeks and counting!!

So I have a couple little stories to tell from the past couple weeks. The first one was Andrew and I's wonderful date!!! So as you all know, Andrew has been going up North for the past 3 weeks. He came home for a day last weekend because they ran behind up there and the drilling guys weren't needed. We got up that morning not knowing what we should do and I came out of the shower and said lets go to calgary! So Andrew got ready real fast and we got on the road. Ofcourse we haven't had bad weather for almost all of the winter season and we go to Calgary on the one day it is snowing out haha. Andrew LOVES LOVES LOVES Bass Pro Shops so we go to the Cross Iron Mills mall. We get there and look around for a couple hours. We head down to see the cars at the far end of the mall and we stumble across an arcade. We go inside and it's like an OLD SCHOOL arcade. You know the ones that have tickets and prizes and everything!?!? Well we just HAD to play. We were hungry so we went to Boston Pizza which happened to be right next door and then played at the arcade. We honestly had SO much fun and we would recommend this to any couples who want to go on a super fun day date. We don't get to spend a lot of time together so when we have time we go all out haha. We were honestly running around and getting sweaty and laughing so hard. We felt like kids, we cashed in our tickets and got some crappy prizes haha but we definitely had a blast.

This week was pretty busy with work and school, and other work. It really keeps me busy haha. As I posted previously, my friend Britt had her baby so we had a surprise baby shower for her last night and it was SO fun! As I visited Brittany in the hospital it all kind of hit me that in a little over 20 weeks I would be there. I kinda started to feel faint because I realized that this pregnancy was for real. I know that sounds stupid but its true, I just started feeling some little kicks and my belly has popped out and so the hospital trip just topped it all off for me. I'm having a baby.Holy crap am I ready for this?!?

Church was good this morning, I love fast and testimony meeting ( we get some interesting testimonies in Chinook ward lol ). Andrew has been absent for a couple weeks now which has been hard but soon that will end! Andrew is going to leave drilling and find something where he can be home with me more often. After all it won't be just the two of us anymore soon enough. I had a nap this afternoon and watched runaway bride. My family came over later this evening and we had some of the leftover icecream cake and enjoyed funniest home videos together. I think they could tell I was lonely lol!!!!

In other news...ultrasound in 7 days!!! I am going to call Dr. Koegler early tuesday morning for him to confirm what our baby is...hope he isn't mad lol (I'm sure I'm not the first right?!?). Anyways, I hope everyone has a GREAT week this week :)