Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 Years.

So it is coming on Andrew and I's 2 year anniversary on the 19th of February. I am not sure what to expect but I can tell that it is going to be a good one! I know this may sound crazy but in my personal opinion the first 6 months-1 year of marriage was the hardest...mostly the first 6 months. You have just entered into a totally different kind of relationship after you get married. Things that your significant other didn't see before you got married are all of a sudden out in the open. Most people feel that they know their spouse pretty good but even after dating for almost and year and a half, I can tell you that there was and is a lot to learn about Andrew. During the first 6 months I really felt myself focusing on the negatives but now as we are coming on the 2 year mark I can't believe how much I focus on the positives. I admit, as Andrew will probably point out, that I have my days when I am super hard on him but for the most part I feel that marriage is starting to hit that wonderful stage everyone talks about! Andrew is one of the most giving people I have ever met, he is constantly asking me if he can get me anything and he ALWAYS makes sure I treat myself. Never once has Andrew made me feel bad if I purchase a little extra in the grocery department (Treats etc.) or buy a movie that we definitely don't need. He is always supportive of my dreams and aspirations and always tries to give me encouragement when I am feeling less then confident. Andrew also makes sure that I get my "mommy-time" and never a day goes by that he doesn't take the baby off my hands while I take a shower or read a book. Andrew works so hard for our family and making sure that we are provided for, he would work 24/7 if he could  make sure Scarlette gets whatever she needs/wants! Andrew is kind and loving, always trying to squeeze a hug out of me or get me to calm down and snuggle with him (I'm kind of a busy body). He is 100% willing to do anything I need him to if I tell him it is important to me. Andrew will be the first to admit that he slacks in the cleaning up after himself/cleaning up in general department but just tonight he got up and did the dishes and there has been times where he cleans up the living room without being if I could find a way to get him to do a bathroom lol!! Lastly, and most importantly, Andrew is an AMAZING father!!! I couldn't have been on this journey without him. I don't know how some women do it alone. Andrew is always talking away to Scarlette and trying to get her to smile at him. He constantly tries to teach her how to do more things and is patient with her when she is grumpy. You will often here me say that I got a "devil child" but Andrew always says "oh she isn't, she is such a good girl!!" So here's to my handsome husband!!! Thanks for putting up with me for the past 2 years and I'm glad you get to put up with me for eternity!! He definitely got the short end of the stick!!! I love you hunny!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarlette is 5 months old!!!

Well....not technically. Scarlette will be 5 months old on the 13th and I can't believe this much time has already flown by! At 5 months old Scarlette is really adventurous... she can:

  • grab things...some of her favourites include my hair, my shirt and her links 
  • scratch...this just happened in the past month but she scratches all types of material to see what kind of sound it makes....she also likes to scratch my wrists and occasionally she will get my face if I don't move fast enough! 
  • sit in her bumbo! She has been really good at holding her head up (she's a Maclean baby...not a weakling Hendry baby) since she was little but her bumbo has made her so strong! She will even sit for short periods on her own but her balance isn't very good yet. 
  • Chatter...she will chatter on and on to herself. She gets especially loud before bed
  • She got a bouncer toy for Christmas but her legs just aren't quite long enough to bounce in that yet haha but she will stand up and bounce on our laps.
  • She recognizes her name.
  • She whimpers when I leave the room and depending on the circumstance it is either super hard to get anything done or super cute
  • She chews/sucks on everything!!! My shirt is constantly wet from her drool and I worry about all the germs from people's hands.
  • She is 16 lbs and not slowing down in the eating department.
  • She loves mummy's iPod touch haha! She is always grabbing it when I play bejeweled blitz. 
  • She is SO high maintenance..she likes being held a certain way and hates being in one room for too long. She sure gives me a good exercise carrying her around the house all day!

I love Scarlette dearly but I sure need a lesson in parenting because she is the grumpiest baby ever! I change her diaper frequently, feed her more then enough, walk around the house with her, take her out grocery shopping, read books with her, put her down for naps when she is tired, give her gripe water for her upset belly and it just never seems to be enough! She is ALWAYS whining...just ask Andrew. The only times she isn't whining is first thing in the morning. Her only saving grace is the fact she is such a good sleeper at night but just this past week she has been up every 2 hours during the night with diarrhea. She then feels the need to nurse and I let her because I don't want to wake Andrew up. We already had the flu and I doubt it is teething already....but it could be I guess. Any moms have any ideas what to do with this little girl???? What helped your kids when they were fussy?

Anyways, as for Andrew and I, we are doing pretty good. Andrew just LOVES his new job working at Mr. R's (he is apprenticing to be a mechanic). I am taking up photography as a hobby and it has proven to be harder then expected but you know me, always up for a challenge! I love school and since I finished last semester I have been needing something to keep me learning. Also, my Grandpa's funeral was last week and it was so beautiful! Can I just say that he would have loved it! Everyone did so well and I know he is doing the Lord's work on the other side. Well, I better get back to my couple hours of freedom while the babe sleeps!! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Letter to Gramps

Dear Gramps,
Wow, what a crazy week I have had. It almost doesn’t seem real to me that you are gone. It feels like just yesterday you were rushing home to see Scarlette and already her time with you is over on this earth, at this time. How I treasure every moment you got to spend with her. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I sometimes wonder “Why my Grandpa?” “Why Now?”. I know that Scarlette will grow up and ask about you and I know what I will tell her. Simply, “He was the best Grandpa a girl could ask for”. I was your first granddaughter and you always made me feel so special. You came to all of my soccer games, choir concerts, award ceremonies and life events. I looked forward to you picking me up from school to take me to orthodontic appointments and when we would go on trips together. 22 ½ years is a long time to know somebody and I pray that our memories will stay with me in time. What an amazing blessing it was for you to be with me in the temple while my parents waited outside. This gift is something none of the other grandchildren will experience with you in your earthly body. I hope I may feel of your spirit as I attend the temple in the future. Gramps, I just love you so much. As I am writing this I think to myself how many words I left unspoken yet how they didn’t need to be spoken for you to know.

            The memories that I will treasure most include:
1.     Our trip to Wyoming and how we never let you fall asleep.
2.     Our trip to Salt Lake to go to Maggie’s wedding and you taking us to see every temple without complaint. Your sleeping pill incident and how we laughed and laughed as you snored on.
3.     The few times you stopped by unannounced to our new place on the west side. How grateful I am that we were home for you to spend time with us. I wish I had brought Scarlette over more.
4.     When I came over to make the beanbag and I was able to help you make those labels. You were so proud over something so small.
5.     When you rushed home to see Scarlette and how you were able to be in her blessing circle.
6.     I knew if I sat next to Grandpa my toes would get popped!
7.     You calling my “Nikki-Cole”.

There are so many more memories that we share but the most important ones to me are the instances where you simply dropped everything to help me out. Your love was spoken through deeds and I will never forget them.

Tonight as I ponder how tomorrow will go I am touched by the Holy Spirit. How grateful I am for temples here on the earth. How grateful I am for the power of the priesthood. How grateful I am for our Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation.

Grandpa, I know you are with your parents and siblings. I take comfort in the fact that you are at peace and in a state of rest. I look forward to the day I will see you again and promise you with all my heart that I will try to live my life in a way that is conducive with how my Heavenly Father would want me to live my life. Your charity is amazing and I hope to be one tenth of the person you are one day. You exemplified the Savior with your missionary work and generosity. I hope and pray the Lord will give me more opportunities to serve others and choose to be more like you. Gramps, I promise to treasure everyday I am given with my family. I promise to always keep you in my heart but to keep on living as you would want me to do. I promise to take care of Grandma and love her like you loved her. I promise to take care of Mom and love her SO much for you. Everyday I will choose to be a missionary and spread the gospel. Tomorrow I dedicate my song to you and every other song I sing I will be thinking about you.

This letter could go on and on if I let it but I know you probably have more important things to do in the spirit world. I will leave my letter with my humble testimony that I know Jesus is the Christ. I know the gospel has been restored here on the earth. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today. I know that prayer is how we communicate with our Heavenly Father.

I know that families are forever.
I bear testimony of these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you Gramps.