Monday, February 27, 2012


AHHH I am so freaking excited today because my friend Brittany had her baby! I think it is just becoming real to me that babies can come unexpectedly and in their own time. I really hope my baby is healthy but earlier then 40 weeks haha. After all I will be 9months pregnant in the scorching heat of JULY ( we didn't plan that out too well). Andrew is off up North again this week so I decided I might as well work while he is gone. Am I a crazy pregnant lady or what?? working 2 part time jobs and going to school full time??? Ah well! My family came back from Mexico today so I surprised Brock at lunch and took him to McDonald's because my mom said he missed me ( I secretly really missed him too). Now I am in the library doing some homework before class but I am just so ansy to get to the hospital and see the new Lowry baby!!!!!! Countdown: 13 and a half days till ultrasound :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost 18 weeks!!

Well another week has flown by. This week was actually really different from most of my other weeks. Andrew left for work on Monday and my family left for Mexico on Sunday so I have been pretty lonely this week. Kylie texted me last week and asked if I wanted to help out at her dad's accounting office this week so I agreed because I was going to be bored stiff if I didn't. They start work at 8am and its a professional business so I assumed a shower was mandatory lol so that puts me at waking up at 630am. Usually I have been sleeping till 9am because my classes arn't till the afternoon and I didn't realize how accustomed I had got to my sleeping schedule. The first couple days were really hard, the work wasn't hard at all but waking up at 6:30 and staring at a screen for 8 hrs was really hard. I got headaches half way through the day and then when I got home I just wanted to pass out lol. On Wednesday I think I got over the hump of it and took a tylenol at lunch hour and since then I have been doing pretty well. I haven't done any of my homework yet so I will have to do that on Saturday. I don't really have any interesting news. I shared our happy news on facebook because people I know kept looking at me weird wondering why I was getting so fat hah. This week the baby is starting to move more but I feel it is more stretching then kicking right now. I'm getting hungrier everyday and my belly is growing. Sunday marks my 18th week mark and I then it will be a couple weeks after that that we get to have our first ultrasound :) We will find out if we are having a little Scarlette or Jaxon! Anyways I'm off to watch my show....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fast Update!!

So today we had our 2nd prenatal appointment and at the first one we both forgot our phones so we didn't get to record the heartbeat. This time around I was not so foolish! I now have a cute little recording of our baby's heartbeat to listen to all the time. If you listen to the old wives tale then we are having a GIRL!!! This whole pregnancy we have thought this is a boy but I secretly want a girl so I asked my doctor what the heart rate was and he said 159 bpm! I am now 16 and half weeks so according to the internet the heartbeat should be between 120 bpm and 180 bpm. According to the old wives tale a boy will have a heart rate of 140 bpm or below and a girl with have 140 bpm or above. Obviously this has no correlation with the gender of the baby but I guess it is just wishful thinking :) Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know my cool news....apart from that I am completely healthy and no cancerous cells!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovely Surprises!

Well this week has been a hectic one! I have so many exams and assignments due before reading week that I have been up to my neck in homework. Last week Andrew and I house sat for my grandparents and we had an awesome time! Andrew was gone for the first couple nights but after that we just relished in the fact that we were living in an actual house. I took full advantage of the dishwasher and only washed one dish the whole week. We also had 3 different bathrooms to use and when your use to sharing is pretty nice(most married girls/ girls with brothers know what I mean by this haha). We also had a T.V. in the room we were sleeping in so it was nice if we wanted to watch a show that we could just roll over and fall asleep where we were done. Andrew also enjoyed the fact that if I was watching a girlie show he could go downstairs and watch his storage wars lol. We also watched my grandparents dog which was nice. I got out walking everyday which I heard is correlated with having more intelligent babies...hahah exercise that is. We did realize that having a dog is a lot of work...they always want to come in and spend time with you, they stink a lot, they bark at 4am, they can't just sit still but always need attention....good thing were having a baby hey!!! I don't know if were quite ready for this new adventure but oh well....too late to change our minds....JUST KIDDING we are so excited. Speaking of the baby, we find out what it is in 27 days....would have been less if February wasn't a long month this year. We are also 5 days away from our first anniversary which is quite exciting! I knew that the first year would be the hardest but man alive was it the fastest hahaha I honestly do not feel like Andrew and I have been married a year already. We also dated for a ridiculous amount of time so we are going on 2 and a half years of being together which is crazy.

This weekend Andrew had to go away again for work so I have been over at my parents house quite a bit, I also got some new books that I have been reading :) this has kept me away from the T.V. Anyways on Sunday Andrew couldn't wait to surprise me any longer and I think he could tell I was missing him so he texted me where my Valentine's day present was. Before I tell you what it is I want to quickly tell you what we did on Friday night. Andrew got home late from work so we weren't able to make it out to his friends wedding so we decided to go The Vow instead. We had enough time to go out for dinner because the movie wasn't till celebration of Andrew being gone on Valentines day and our anniversary being on a Sunday we decided to go all out and try The Keg. Well the line there was 50 minutes and I'm pregnant...therefore hungry and grumpy so we call up moxies and their wait time is 20 minutes. Off we go to Moxies. While we waited a nice hostess boy offered us wine and we politely declined and I explained that we don't drink and I am pregnant...his response was something along the lines of "oh I'm sorry about that" or "oh thats too bad" hahah...actually we are really excited about it! Apparently he thought it was horrible news...I've never heard a reaction like that before...perhaps " congrats" would be in order. The wait was longer then expected, probably closer to 30 minutes so by the time we got the food we were chowing down...hardly speaking at all LOL. After dinner we wanted the bill fast so we could get in line for good seats at the movie...while we were paying I must have made a comment about being married because the server was like "you guys are married?!?!"(picture a baffled expression...obviously we must have looked like we just wanted to eat and get the date over with hahaahahah). We told her we were coming on our first anniversary and she was like..."wow you just look so young"....I decided at that moment I probably shouldn't tell her that I was almost four months pregnant as well HAHA we might get a response similar to the hostess boy(technically a host...but I like the name hostess boy better). We went to The Vow and it was AWESOME ...not really what I expected but definitely a must see for couples. When we got home I was being kinda hormonal and I got all the baby clothes out that we had bought prior to finding out that we were pregnant. Due to the fact we think it is a boy I started complaining that all we have is girl clothes ( like 14 outfits and a cute little jacket with shoes). I have one pair of overalls and a unisex sleeper.......this boy is going to be in his birthday suit a lot. SOOOOO

Back to me opening my Valentines day present. Andrew doesn't have a lot of time so how he found time to do this I have no idea. He wrote a beautiful card ( he always fills them all the way up in small of his best qualities is he never does anything without it being heartfelt). I obviously started crying because it was so thoughtful and beautiful and lets face it...Andrew is a little rough around the edges and I just LOVE his soft tender side( I also get a nice loving giggle out of his cute spelling mistakes "huspand" "dreemed"). My favorite funny line of the card was " lets face it, I know more about aliens then newborns". Then I opened the present and there was the CUTEST little boy church outfit..complete with a vest and was so darling and man....I don't even think diamonds could have beat that.

Anyways...that is all I have for you this week! I might post later about what we do for our anniversary and Andrew has an interview with the police on Thursday so keep your fingers crossed goes well...also my 2nd prenatal appt is thursday morning...maybe I will record the heartbeat this time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I don't think I can keep this in for much longer!!!

Well this week I am definitely not sharing this post on Facebook and if you are reading this post PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't post anything on Facebook, unless it is a private message lol. I don't know why I feel like being so private because when I thought about this moment in my life I thought I would want to tell the world....but for some reason I just want my happy news to be shared with people who are happy for me and who love me. So .....if you haven't guessed by now.....or got any of the hints in my other posts...Andrew and I are going on a big TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha.....well ....sort least we feel like we are going on a trip...towards parenthood!!! Yep, that is correct, we are having a baby!!!! WOOO HOOO ....I was with my girlfriends around Christmas time and Kendra and I were talking about how we were the girls who always dreamed someone would just leave a baby on our doorstep that we would have to take care of haha. Well this baby won't really be delivered ever so nicely on my doorstep with a simple ring of the doorbell...I'm going to work to bring this little baby into the world. I was talking to my mom the other day and saying how I really hope I have a 6lb baby...and she was like..." doesn't matter how much they weigh....just pray they have a small head and small shoulders.." so I've begun praying for that...because Andrew has a pretty big head.

Anyways the reason why I couldn't keep this post in any longer is because I have just begun feeling the little movements of my baby! It is kind of like having a fish in a my belly...and it is just swimming around hahah. I try to have mommy /baby time everyday where I go and lie in a quiet place on my side, then I get a light out and flash the baby so it moves away from the light. Most times I can get it to move around a bit and it is such a weird feeling! Andrew and I both feel like this is a boy baby so I am having trouble trying to figure out a good name for it. Our girl names are already picked out... Scarlette Hope and Jordyn Elizabeth ...but our boys names are harder to choose. I want Jaxon J. (middle name after my dad) and we like Liam Gordon ( after Andrew's family tradition) but I don't know if I am in love with Liam as much as I use to be. We find out what the baby is on March 12th so in about 4 and a half weeks and I am so so so excited! I am due at the end of July and we are about 15 and 1/2 weeks right now. I don't really know what else to say about it except we didn't think we would get pregnant so fast and so I will end up being 6 months pregnant when I finish school....ahahah never thought that would happen.

So if anyone would have told me that at 21 I would be married to my best friend in the temple, graduating University and a mother-to-be...I would not have believed you. I feel so blessed and so happy to be expecting our first baby. We are absolutely in love already with this little squirmer! Anyways now I can keep you guys up to date with everything going on without being cryptic :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not tired...and very lazy

So it is only 11 pm but I am sooo not even close to being tired. I think it is because I have been watching so much T.V. lately. When I lived at home I never watched T.V., mostly because there was only 2 of them and I never got to one in time...or cared too. I then moved to Waterton where I didn't have cell service or internet and then into my girls house where we never watched T.V.....when I first got married I can't even remember turning the T.V. on. I think Andrew and I watched a couple movies but other then that I was pretty uninterested. When we moved up to Calgary I had to fight Andrew on the fact that we did NOT need to bring our huge T.V. with us haha and I won. I did bring my macbook and watched a couple seasons of different shows I had either wanted to watch or needed to catch up on. This fall I started to watch T.V. a bit more but I had 6 classes and I was pretty busy with life so I didn't feel as though it was a problem. CHRISTMAS TIME...that is when this all began! I started watching season after season of Grey's anatomy...we also got our leather couches which made it a lot more comfortable to sit down then on our...super old and hard loveseat ...and small half of our sectional lol. This semester I just must confess....I AM A COUCH POTATO!!!! I honestly have trained myself that when I'm at home it is relax time..i sit down on the couch..pick a show..and watch...even if the show sucks!!!! I never use to be able to stand the Bachelor but now I always seem to take 2 hrs out of my day to watch it. I also watch whatever else is on all week. The only show that I care to watch is Grey's Anatomy but somehow I end up watching T.V. everynight. I know that this is probably one of the better addictions to have but I just HAVE.TO.BREAK.IT. So please people! Give me some ideas on how to kick this habit...books that you have recently read and loved...or other ways I can avoid being a lazy butt! I am making a goal to watch only 4 hrs of T.V. this weekend...which includes tomorrow night...wish me luck ;)