Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well I'm home for a couple days before heading out to Waterton and I've been pretty much working at Thriftway as much as I can. I really have been lucky to be home for this whole week to spend some time with my family before I am off again. Canmore really ended up sucking. We were promised all these things that didn't come through which kind of upset me . We moved up here thinking that we were going to get full time hours and that the amount of rent we were paying was less then is actually was. Anyways it definitely was not full time hours and sometimes we would only work about 2 and a half hours a day. So basically I broke completely even and sat in a gross crack house motel for 3 weeks. My roomate and I had to sit down and actually think about the positives so that we could avoid our frustration. So for the 3 weeks we were there we had a lot of gospel conversations with our fellow employees and we formed some bonds with people who are also going to Waterton. We learned how hard it is to live on our own and how much we really appreaciate our families and all they do for us. Plus we got a lot of TV time in..mostly watching say yes to the dress and TLC shows..anyways tonight I went to a house party/dance party and it was fun. We danced for a couple hours and now I better get to bed because I work at 9 tomorrow! well much love to all of you!! and a big shout out to my one follower!! LAUREN ROERICK!!

P.S. everday someone new is engaged on facebook..and that is not a joke...but special congrats to my best friends Breanne and Lauren for their engagement! love you both!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well I wrote this huge blog the other day about my time here in Canmore but because my internet sucks the whole thing got deleted because my internet cut out so I will make this fast so I can kinda let everyone know what I've been up to. Well last week I headed out here to Canmore just out of the blue and it took me 6 hours to find it because this stupid guy in calgary gave me the wrong directions after I got through rush hour traffic so I was heading to Edmonton on the deerfoot instead of being on the Provincial highway!! IDIOT! anyways now I'm working at the Silver Creek Hotel which is beautiful by the way! it is kind of like a time share as a opposed to a hotel but you can still stay there like it's a hotel. The other hotel that Waymarker owns is the Georgetown Inn and it reminds me soo much of my Grandpa Hendry's farm in Cardston.. it is so quant and smells a lot of old people hahah. Anyways my roomate and I basically go to work and then come home and hang out for the rest of the night. I have been surviving off of the OC lately because my internet sucks and I also read a book by Jodi Picoult (my sisters keeper author) called the tenth circle... it was really good and definitely brought up some good questions for the audience. This week it has just been beautiful here, the sky is clear and the sun is out. The air is still a little chill but if the sun in hitting you it's not so bad. Clean hotels is soooo much work..these arn't little hotel rooms haha they are like 2 bedroom with king size beds with a double bathroom and single bathroom plus a living room and kitchen with island etc they make you clean the most intricate each stainless steal handle has to be polished and all the furniture must be polished so everything looks shiny..I swear kids could die from touching all the chemicals on the furniture. Well tonight Megan and I are planning on watching the results show for dancing with the stars and then Megan has started making me watch Glee...I think it is be honest but it is something she likes so I'm giving it a shot. Anyways I don't want to write too much just in case it gets deleted again..and might I just add that my last post was SO hilarious when I was explaining how I got lost getting up here but I'm too lazy to reinact it again because it will take me too long...

Well I will hopefully post everday from here on out so my mom doesn't get too worried about me
love you!