Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lethbridge Parade

I was feeling brave so I decided to take the girls to the Lethbridge parade this year. We sat outside of the drugstore so I was able to be a little late and still catch the parade in time. Scarlette had a pretty good time but it was made AWESOME when Elsa and Anna started walking down the street. Lexi almost launched herself off my lap when one of the semi's honked but thanks to a tender mercy I was able to catch her in time....a baby face to the cement...not really my idea of a good morning. Can you tell I'm getting lazy with the whole blogging thing?? is a photo journal of our time spent at the 2014 Lethbridge Parade.

Do you like the distortion of my new wide angled lens? Makes Lexi look pretty fine! 

Elsa and Anna

If you look in the top right you can see Elsa's blue dress and top left you can see Anna's pink cape! 

Monster's Inc. Birthday Par-tay!

For Scarlette's birthday last year I did absolutely nothing lol. I was working and doing photos and being slightly pregnant it just didn't happen..I didn't even bake her a cake...but I did get some cute photos to redeem myself. Anyways, I may have felt a TAD guilty about it and went ALL out this year. We decided to have a Monster's Inc theme and it turned out wonderfully even though it ended up costing me an arm and a leg haha....apparently helium balloons are not cheap! So to make her birthday special I decided to use my trusty sidekick "pinterest" to come up with some great ideas. I bought Monster's Inc colour themed utensils, plates, and cups, got green helium balloons to make "Mike Wizowski" eyes, purple and blue to represent Sully and we even decorated some cupcakes to match!!! I got this really sweet icing tip that made the icing look like fur. I also tried my hand at decorating a Mike Wizowski cake! Here are some photos of the day and I apologize in advance for the lighting fail at the end when she is blowing out her candles haha.

Mike Wizoski Balloons!

Love this girl!

Scarlette also loves she got some for her Birthday...

Not my best work...haha

She is adorable

She wanted to eat the cake so bad.

My Grandma bought this ADORABLE little sundress for Scarlette so naturally she had to flirt with the boys in it.

Scarlette, Holden and Foster

Emma, Brock, Scarlette and Auntie Miriam

Did I mention she got spoiled rotten?? because she did.

WE had such a BLAST with all the people who were able to make it and missed the people who couldn't!