Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hey everyone!
So this week I moved to Waterton and I am absolutly loving it so far! Everynight my roomate and I hike Bears hump because there is a challenge in Waterton to hike Bears Hump 30 times this far we are at 3 times so were 1/10 th done already, then we get a T-shirt and a french toast breakfast..mmm. I have been working at the Waterton Lakes Lodge and I'm really excited about it, I get good hours, the managment is organized and professional..probably due to the fact that they are mostly LDS haha. We live above a rec centre so we can swim and go to the gym anytime we want. Yesterday I walked to Big Scoop to get an ice cream...obviously..and I dropped off a Resume and today I went back and got a job! I'm sooo excited cuz now I have 2 jobs and hopefully I can pay off school in the Fall. Well that's about all the news I have soo far and there is just too many fun things I could be doing instead of being on the computer.
Love you all!

P.S. come to Waterton to Visit :)