Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th 2012!

I have been so busy the past week that I have hardly had time to come on the computer, much less blog! I think my body is going into a weird "I gotta get everything done before baby mode" because I have had sooo much energy lately. Andrew and I are able to go on walk everyday and I could walk forever and ever and ever! I don't know if I said in my last blog that I have a pinched nerve, but I do. I thought it was just back pain but I was very if you see me in the next couple weeks I will be sitting with a big pillow behind my back to relieve the pressure that baby Maclean is putting on my nerve! Walking feels AMAZING and when I get closer to being full term I am going to be walking crazy amounts each day....but for now I will stick to about 2.5 kilometers a day. I don't think I have too many crazy pregnancy stories....I have yet to wet myself and my belly growth has really seemed to slow. I feel like I got big really fast, kept growing rapidly and now I'm kind of at a stand still. On Sunday a few people came up and asked how many months I had left and I said 5 weeks and they were very surprised.....they thought I was quite small for 8 months....maybe they were just being nice ;) or it could be because she seemed to have "dropped" last week.

Scarlette kicked Ciara for the first time last week ( she has been very skeptical/jealous of a new baby in the family) and she just has not stopped talking about it since! She always puts her hand on my belly and watches the weird belly wave that Scarlette likes to perform, which has been pretty great! I was really scared she might think the baby was taking some attention away from her but I think our whole family could use a little piece of heaven right about now. I know I talk about the baby a lot, but I just feel so incredibly blessed to have been trusted enough by our Heavenly Father to be a mother. Andrew and I have been speculating on what she is going to look like, how big she is going to be and if she is going to look like a Scarlette in the past couple days because of how close we are getting!

A couple months ago, Scarlette was kicking around and I decided to figure out when her due date really was going to be. I thought who better to ask then Scarlette herself! So I told her that she should kick when I said her birthday. I kept saying random dates out loud until she kicked again. I probably named about 10 dates and she was very still...then I said July 24th and she gave a big kick! So in my mind, she is going to be born July 24th haha!

On friday night, Andrew and I decided to decorate Scarlette's room. We put up her letters, brought her dresser over, set up the change table, figured out how to work the diaper genie, put a little shelf up for her and bought all of our last minute baby items! Then Andrew went upstairs to watch T.V. and I decided to take all the clothes off the hangers and wash them.....LET ME TELL YOU...I almost had a big cry. I knew I bought a lot of clothes.....but I did not realize that I had bought enough clothes for triplet girls! I would buy an outfit here and there, then I would hang it up on a hanger in her closet. It took me 5 hours to take all the clothes off the hangers, cut all the various tags off/de-sticker, sort into whites, lights and darks and wash 3 loads of baby clothes. I really hope Andrew is right about us having a house full of girls because I have enough clothes to last all my babies. I also went out today and got pink drapes for her room because there were these really ugly blue ones and they only covered half the window....pretty sure that won't cut it for a newborn. Also, speaking of near cry experiences...Andrew wanted me to post this one. I try really really hard not to cry or else I will cry for like 2 hrs and go over all the things that I didn't cry about when they happened. So night, Andrew and I were in the kitchen and I asked Andrew to take the garbage out because I had cleaned the whole house by myself while he had been out dirt biking all day. There was one last banana and I was REALLY craving a banana. I peeled the banana and for some reason it had been broken in half so the top half fell big deal..I just cleaned and washed the floors today. I go to pick it up and realize that Andrew had come upstairs in his gross muddy dirt biking clothes probably to tell me a story about how sick dirt biking was that day and there was dirt/ mud EVERYWHERE. So then.....(I admit this is my fault) I was so extremely mad that half my banana was ruined and the insane pregnant woman came out in me and I threw the other half of the banana at Andrew's head. Then I stormed into the bathroom and sat on the toilet....because I realized I had to pee in the midst of my banana ordeal.....and honestly had to contemplate whether or not the loss of my banana was worth the BIG CRY. Andrew is hysterically laughing in the kitchen because he thinks this whole thing is hilarious...he peaks his head into the bathroom and realizes that I am contemplating the worth of the banana. He says some smart comment about how I could have had half of the banana if I hadn't thrown it at his head and I said "Andrew....can't you tell I am contemplating having a break down over not getting to eat that banana I was really craving"...he continues to laugh even harder and then being the good husband he is, he offers to go out and get me some more bananas.....which I decline because they just wouldn't be the same as the banana that I dropped in his mud.

So this was an extremely long post....most of these stories are so I will remember them but I do hope that they will give someone else a little bit of enjoyment!

Monday, June 18, 2012

41 days!!!

Well, there is only 41 days left to go until baby least that is what they tell me. Just a little update on baby, she is approximately 4 lbs 9 ounces according to the average and 18 inches long. She has been in head down position for the past 2 months but she recently "dropped" which means she is really getting ready to get outta there! I go back to the doctor next week and then I assume I will be having doctors appointments every week after that. We booked our pre-natal classes and I have applied for maternity leave. I plan on beginning to pack the hospital bag and wash the clothes in a couple weeks just so I don't set myself up to think she is coming right away when in reality it is still 6 weeks away.

Andrew just got back from the Yukon and were pretty sure he has a good chance of getting this job delivering dry-wall, so for the 1st summer in a long time he will be able to work a REGULAR job. He is so excited to be able to come home when it is still light out and hang out with our friends. I'm just finishing up working at Thriftway and MVO before I take a couple weeks off to chill before I'm sleep deprived!! Also, we have started the Vaz-Oxlade budget and were super excited to actually have a real budget. Since we have been married we have been REALLY well taken care of as far as money is concerned so with a regular job and me not working anymore, we are going to have to learn to budget...oh well! Today we got all our groceries for the week for $40!!

This weekend we got maternity pictures with Brittany Lowry which I am incredibly excited to see! We also had Brock's treasure hunt birthday party on Friday evening as well as my Grandpa's 65th birthday party on Saturday night! On Sunday, Andrew and I made dinner for my dad but I don't think he trusted Andrew with the steak so he made it himself and brought it over LOL!! I made home-made potato salad, cherry jello and Cesar salad. We were really stuffed afterwards. Anyways, sorry for taking forever to update it has been a little crazy the past couple weeks!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

1 more week in the Yukon!

Well, this post probably won't be too long because our internet has been really slow the past couple days. It is my last week in the Yukon and we have been trying to get as much touristy stuff done as possible. This past week we drove all the way to Alaska to look at the beautiful scenery and to enjoy our Sunday afternoon. It was quite a nice day and we were able to stop a lot and get some nice pictures (see facebook). We even saw a black bear! It was one of the most beautiful black bears I have ever seen...not that I have seen many but it was pretty cool to see it up close without a ton of traffic behind you trying to get into Waterton. We took a couple mornings this week to go downtown and walk through all the little shops. I took some pictures which I will upload later this week that document what the store fronts look like. Whitehorse has definitely tried to keep their town looking like it did in gold rush times. Another morning we went to the Beringia Interpretive Centre which basically has a bunch of skeletons of animals that were around during the ice age. We took lots of cool pictures of a wholly mammoth and HUGE beaver. We also went to the transportation museum to look at all the old plains, trains and automobiles that were used in the gold rush. We definitely feel that we did all the touristy stuff that we could. There is a couple other small towns around the Yukon that we will have to choose between on Sunday so we can go a do some last minute site seeing. We also went to this famous fish and chips/salmon restaurant downtown yesterday and Andrew was drooling over his fish and chips....I, of course, was not open to try something new so I opted for a chicken wrap.

During Andrew's work hours I have been busying myself with painting these really cute letters for Scarlette's room. I painted them sparkly pink and red then let them sit for a couple days and then I sanded them to look aged. They turned out pretty cute but I probably wouldn't have used red after seeing the finished product. The letters are alternating in colors so it kind of brings out S-A-L-T-E and C-R-E-T hahah maybe I am just really picky. Anyways, I have also been watching some Gilmore Girls which were only 10 bucks at wal-mart and reading my last 2 books. I just finished Divergent and Insurgent.....oh my goodnesss....they may not get the best reviews online but I LOVE them. They are based on dystopian society which is the same idea as hunger games but the plot is different and I just couldn't put them down. I definitely recommend them as a good summer read. If anyone has read anything good lately I would be glad to know what it was! I haven't scrapbooked this week because we have been pretty busy but I hope to get a couple more pages done before I head home. I also picked up "what to expect when your expecting: the first year" which is super interesting. It goes through tons of stuff and you can just pick and choose what applies to you. The reason I am so excited about it was that I found it at Wal-mart and it was 40% off. I bought my "what to expect when your expecting: pregnancy" one at chapters for like $22 bucks so I was happy to save some money!
Wow....maybe this was a longer post then what I thought haha!! Scarlette is doing well, she is no longer kicking very much but I feel her moving ALL DAY. She even manages to get her little feet up under my rib cage which is always a fun place to put them! She also knows when Andrew comes home because his voice is so much lower then mine and she will usually punch him when he puts his head on my belly (it is a loving punch). Anyways, hope everyone is having a good week with their own life adventures :)