Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Well I just uploaded a bunch of photos to Facebook, so this will somewhat be the exact same post but I plan to print out those cute little blog books with the photos and run down of what we were doing that day. Halloween have been good to us. Scarlette's first Halloween she was only actually 3 months old, we dressed her as a little Zebra and went to a adult Halloween party, it was fun but I have been waiting for this kind of a Halloween FOREVER. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE kids...well...I love MY kids haha. I have been waiting for Scarlette to "get" holidays for a while now...I can't wait till Christmas!! We kind of kicked off Halloween last week when I dressed up as "Elsa" from Frozen for my cousins Holiday Expo show. I was SO excited to be Elsa for Scarlette.

My Mom and Grandma brought the girls to the Expo to see me...right when it was getting BUSY. Scarlette saw me for like 1 minutes, they snapped a picture and then it was another little girls turn. She was absolutely devastated. I mean.....I could hear her balling all through the Enmax centre. She was so upset that I was hugging and taking photos with other little girls. It turned out to NOT be such a fun experience for her...she could care less about Anna lol. When she got me back at the end of the night she cuddled with me for 2 hours straight. She has never done that before. I guess she loves me. 

We started actual Halloween off by picking up my brother from school, I fed them lunch, got Scarlette ready and we did a little photoshoot. 
I absolutely love this photo of Lexi. She is just such happy girl!

Before her transformation.

She was so excited to be Ariel.

Scarlette is so sweet on Lexi. I am so blessed.

James Bond, Ariel and my little pumpkin. 

We went to my Dad's shop to fill up with gas and show Papa and Daddy our little trick or treaters. Then we headed over to the mall, it was absolute chaos. I don't remember it being that bad last year...needless to say we did half the mall and when we got over to the Sears end and saw the amount of people bottlenecked over there we headed home. The kids got the jist of halloween. CTV news was even filming as Scarlette and Brock walked past Children's Place but they didn't make the cut when I watched the 5oclock news. Sad. We went to my moms for an hour, showed her the girls and played. Her auntie C.C. came home dressed as a girl escaped for the insane asylum with some pretty scary make-up on. I thought Scarlette would be scared but she didn't skip a beat...she just said "I'm a Princess C.C." Then we went home, ate some dinner and let the baby have a nap. Scarlette and I walked down the ally to take some pictures with her cousin Emma before everyone started trick or treating. 

Scarlette loves playing at Emma's house. She was sad that we were leaving so soon. Next year we will probably go trick or treating with Emma in our neighbourhood once more people move in. We went home, picked up Andrew and Lexi, and headed over to my Grandma's house in Copperwood. She had some super cute treat bags for the girls and took some photos. The houses were decked out with decorations in Copperwood. Scarlette was entranced by all the pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts! We trick or treated a few crescents and that was enough for her...and was a slow process. Every house she would walk up to, gently knock on the door and then scream "TREAT". If someone didn't come right away she would scream "TREAT" was quite cute. Anyways, everyone was very nice in Copperwood and also very generous! They had gift bags made up, play doh, stickers, the whole deal! 
Scarlette outside our house. 

After we were done trick or treating we headed over to Andrew's parents house to show them the girls but they must have been in bed already! The girls fell asleep as we were driving so Andrew and I went and got some KFC to balance out all the sweet we had been eating. It was SUCH a beautiful night. Andrew doesn't usually like the holidays...just from stuff that happened when he was growing up BUT he did say that he had such a great time and is so glad we are doing this kind of stuff with our kids. He also made sure that I took lots of photos. He thinks it is super important for the kids to have lots of memories of growing up. Overall, it was an awesome night! We had SO MUCH FUN. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miscellaneous Thoughts

1. After watching all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy for the third time this past Spring, I have realized that I absolutely HATE watching shows with the adverts. I cannot even concentrate on what is going on and I feel like I suddenly have ADD. So I somewhat remember what occurred on tonights episode but at the same time it really didn't captivate me. I admit the early seasons were amazing compared to the past 3....but I have to watch it till the end!

2. I have always been kind of interested in what Scandal is all about and although I really don't like the glorification of affairs in the media I totally got sucked in when Season two was on sale for $18 at Costco. The idea that an affair is OK as long as you are with your supposed sole mate makes me hesitant to watch shows like this so I don't love recommending it to people but please take that part with a grain of salt because over half of the show is about conspiracy theories and secret organizations which are full of drama! The producer actually goes to a woman who worked in the white house and which Olivia Pope is loosely based off of, to ask what she would do in certain situations. Kind of a fun fact. Anyways, I am just loving this show right now!

3. I'm kind of getting sick of good messages being torn apart by bloggers just trying to have their 15 minutes of fame. The point of my blog is to journal thoughts I am having, experiences my family goes through and keep close friends in the loop so I realize that other people are trying to make money blogging...but seriously. I just want to read ONE article that doesn't have 100 rebuttals about how it is totally off base and wrong. For instance, a few days ago I watched that mormon video about the mom doing all that service, ended up missing her meeting with her cousin, which she was really looking forward too, and then realizing that Heavenly Father has a plan for us all and the other things she did that day were more important then meeting up with her cousin, even though I'm sure Heavenly Father would have loved for her to do that too if there was enough time in the day. Instead of being uplifted by that video, taking the message to heart and noting that the intention of the video was not saying that women should never say "No" to things being asked of them if the stretch is too much...but that it is OK to stretch ourselves in order to grow (also the point of us being here on earth)...some bloggers felt the need to tear this good intentioned video apart, saying that we should not be service martyrs blah blah blah. I wish life could just be SIMPLE. Just watch the video, enjoy it, feel the spirit, apply it to YOUR life (everyone's life is different, therefore the application of the principle being taught will be different). Why do you have to try to ruin it for others!!!! I just want to read ONE article or watch ONE video and simply be uplifted without a blogger trying to gain an audience with their negativity. Rant Over.

So yeah....that is why this post was entitled Miscellaneous Thoughts LOL.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lexi is 5 months old!

Well it looks like my friend Brittany and I are on the same brain wave today because we are both posting comparison photos of our very different looking babies! I did this cute little photoshoot of Scarlette when she was 5 months old with these cute little leggings and adorable little headband and I wanted to totally re-create it for Lexi to see if they had anything in common. It is kind of hard to tell because my editing style has changed so much but they really don't look anything alike lol. Scarlette looks like Andrew and Lexi looks like me, the only thing that I can see them sharing is their beautiful eyes. So here are a few of Lexi and then a few comparison photos at the bottom!

Love these little girlies!!! Hope to have lots more!!!