Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Growing like a Weed!!!

Yikes, I've been failing at the blogging thing lately! My little Lexi Lou sure hasn't stayed little for very long, not that she was that little to begin with. She is 13 lbs (85th percentile), 23 3/4 inches (95th percentile) and her head circumference is also 95th percentile. She is wearing 3 month sleepers snuggly and after this sleeve of size 1 diapers she will be moving up to size 2. She eats every 3 hours except at night where she usually just wakes up once in the middle of the night and then once at around 7:30 when Andrew wakes up. The girls are already trouble makers, if Lexi wakes up at 7:30 and feels like she wants to stay awake awhile then Scarlette usually sleeps till 10 and if Scarlette wakes up at 8am then usually Lexi decides to keep sleeping till 10. Little stinkers. For the first 3 weeks of having Lexi I would take a nap almost every afternoon while both girls were napping. Lexi would usually nap on my chest which was amazing!!! With Scarlette it was such a big adjustment to be sitting on the couch breastfeeding all the time that I got anxious and wanted to get up and do things but with Lexi all I wanted to do was snuggle her and I definitely let the house go for a few weeks. No one was really coming over so I felt like I should prioritize better this time around. I will ALWAYS be able to clean the house but Lexi will not always be this little. I healed pretty fast with all the napping going on. The cramping after I had Lexi was INTENSE when I was feeding her....I don't even remember feeling much cramping after Scarlette. I also have a lot more hanging skin with do you even get rid of that lol?? I haven't started working out yet but I definitely will need to this time around. The first few weeks of having Lexi, Scarlette was very insecure. She went from being the centre of our attention to having to wait for me to help her with things. She was really quiet and didn't really know what was going on. She was never once mean to the baby and very concerned whenever the baby would cry. She still loves sitting there and telling me all about where the baby's eyes, nose, ears, mouth etc is. She gets me the babies soother, diaper and cream whenever I ask for it. She is pretty amazed that the baby gets milk from Mommy and not from a sippy cup though it was less then a year ago that she also got milk from Mommy haha. This one time when I was reaching for a new breast pad after having just finished feeding the baby Scarlette tried to have some milk herself...LOL...not going to happen girl. I got the girls a double stroller after a couple weeks of being house ridden and they LOVE it. I ended up getting the City select mini double stroller and it is super easy to use. We are hoping the weather starts smartening up because these girls need to get out of the house. Lexi is a really good baby but doesn't like getting put down. Scarlette would cry even when we had been standing up and bouncing her for hours whereas Lexi is completely content when you just pick her up. She poops like crazy.....Scarlette never pooped like this...and still has trouble pooping..not Lexi, she fills that diaper up EVERY time. She started smiling a few weeks ago but whenever I get the camera out she just stares at it. She has a HUGE is adorable!! Her fussiness definitely peaked last week and she has been so good this week just falling asleep on the bed or wherever without me cuddling her. I can't believe she is almost 2 months old! CRAZY! Anyways, here are some of her newborn photos, in retrospect I should have got someone else to do them because I was just way too lazy to do cute set-ups. The house was still in boxes and I would have to have Scarlette having a nap while trying to do them so they are pretty sad posing changes or different backdrops. Oh well, I like the close up shot of her face the best anyways, so that is the one that is framed.

The photos below are ones I took right after we got home from the hospital (24 hours after she was born) the house was in boxes but she was a piece of heaven on earth. The quilt was the only one unpacked because Dr.Koegler's wife had made it for me as a "thanks" for doing family photos for them and he brought it with him that morning to the hospital. It is absolutely adorable and the cool thing about it, is that my BFF Maggie made me a quilt for Scarlette with that exact same pattern just different fabric. Looks like all of our girls are going to have to have one now!!! 

And these photos are some from the hospital....should have been added to the last post but whatever!