Friday, July 20, 2012

9 days to go....

YEP! I am still around and kickin' it pregnancy style!

I really hope and pray this is my LAST blog post being pregnant. I was telling my mom today, the first 3 months seems to go by so fast and you start thinking....why do people complain so much...only 6 more months to go. Well, 9 months is WAY to long to be pregnant...haha I am DYING. The heat has been extremely bad....especially since we live in a brick building that absorbs the heat like nobody's business! I have been hitting the pool about once a week and trying to mooch of my mom's cool house as best as I can without feeling like I am abandoning Andrew in our sauna. The past week of being of work has been AWESOME! I thought that I would be completely bored but I simply have not run out of things to do. I have cleaned the whole house...the "deep clean"....scrubbing bathroom floors, cleaning kitchen nooks and crannies, organizing paperwork, setting up all our baby stuff and putting the car seat IN the car. The hospital bags have been packed for a couple weeks but I have added a couple things to them to help me get through labour and delivery. At prenatal classes, it was suggested to us to bring tennis balls, massage tools and magic bags....just to have a variety of pain relief/focus changers. The whole point of breathing exercises is to divert your attention away from the why not put a modern twist to it and make Andrew massage me for hours on end??? that sounds like a WAY better focus changer. I got my hair done this morning and bought my Nikon D90 on Wednesday so I'm pretty much set for the baby to come.

My Uncle Ron has a concoction that involves castor oil, orange juice, almond butter, water...and some other special has worked on twelve out of the thirteen girls he has tried it on...pretty good success rate if I may say so myself. Anyways, before you freak out and tell me it is a horrible idea...keep in mind that I am an intelligent person and that I have done the research involved in trying something like this. Midwives have used castor oil for many years to help get labour going and most of the time it will only work if your body is ready to go into labour anyways. The biggest negative about using castor oil is that it can cause dehydration if not used yes...I will be staying very hydrated the whole time. I'm going to try this concoction on Sunday night after church so that Andrew will be around and if something does go wrong he can take me straight to the hospital. When I do take the concoction I will be 39 weeks....very close to my due date...and lots of doctors will agree to strip membranes at this point if women are extremely frustrated being pregnant. I promise not to complain about my pregnancy because I have been blessed with a very good one.....but just so you know.....having a pinched nerve that only allows you to sit a certain 32 degree a sauna just about getting on my last nerve. If baby is ready...she will come....if she isn't...then she will not come.

So I've decided to just do a little sum up of my pregnancy in case anyone cares to read. (questions were found in the baby book I bought for Scarlette)
1. When Mom discovered she was expecting.....
When I first discovered I was expecting it was really surreal. Andrew and I thought it would take us a long time to get pregnant because I had been using birth control for a really long time for acne purposes. We got off birth control in the middle of September and thought we might get pregnant by January. My first period didn't come till October 24th so I went 38 days without a period when usually I would only go 28 days between cycles. Thinking that my body was just adjusting to being off birth control, I got caught up in exam week and went almost 50 days without a period after the 24th....I didn't have any signs of being pregnant so I didn't think I was. PLUS, Andrew was gone with work A LOT that month.....I know... TMI ....but I really think this little girl was meant to be HAHA. When Andrew finally got back from travelling with his work, we went out to dinner with Brooke and Dexter ( who were about 6 weeks farther along then us) and decided to go to the dollar store after to grab a pregnancy test JUST IN CASE. I remember Andrew running to the dollar store and when he got back in the car he said that the lady ringing him through was saying what a nice christmas gift that would be to find out we were expecting. When we got home I decided that it was a perfect time to see if we were pregnant or not....I honestly had been feeling crampy and bloated for that whole week ( my tell tale signs of an oncoming period) so I was NOT be expecting haha. I stood in my undies while waiting for the test to come back with one the one line appeared and I waited a minute longer just to make sure there was only one line....when I looked back down a couple seconds later I saw a second line......HOLY CRAP......there is a human being growing inside of me. I ran out of the bathroom and said "ANDREW...were having a baby!!" I was saying the "baby" part, I burst into tears and had a crazy cry fest because I had never felt that kind of emotion before. I immediately asked Andrew to get the baby clothes down that were hidden in the closet and I held all the baby girl clothes that I had bought and couldn't imagine that our baby was a boy. We then grabbed the period calendar and figured out how far along we were and then searched on the internet how big she was an amazing moment that I will never forget, my biggest dreams were coming true!

Who is the first people we shared the news with? To be honest... I told Sherri Hill very first because she works at the drugstore as a pharmacist and she knew we were trying. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't hurting my baby because I had been taking melatonin to help me sleep. Obviously, she told me to stop taking melatonin but that it shouldn't have affected the baby. Andrew and I waited till Christmas morning to tell our families and it was such a funny experience. This one year my parents told us that we were either getting a puppy or a baby for christmas and mom was FOR SURE not we were expecting a puppy...but we woke up christmas morning to a little yellow ducky blanket. So Andrew and I planted a tummy time toy for them to wake up to this christmas and Andrew told his parents at sacrament meeting that morning.

My due date: July 30th 2012

First heard heartbeat: At 12 weeks we were lucky enough to hear the heartbeat...and it was fast!

When mom began to "show" : I remember waking up one morning at about 17 weeks and I felt like I was says that most people wouldn't have taken a second the Lady Antebellum concert on March 12th would have been more accurate of when I actually started to show.

When Mom first felt me move: I remember this one Sunday that I was laying in bed....completely still....and I could feel the tiniest little was a really spiritual moment and I knew it was the baby. It was around 16 it was early for a first timer.

When baby became really active: Scarlette became really active at about 20 weeks....she was like a crazy flip flopper, the kicking and fun stuff probably happened near 25 weeks and now it is really hard to feel a moment when she isn't moving, elbowing me, or hiccuping. (she has them right now!) It is especially neat when you start feeling specific body parts...that happened at around 29 weeks for me...right before I left for the Yukon.

Summary of 1st trimester- Didn't find out till I was about 8 weeks...thought I had no morning sickness but once I entered the 2nd trimester I realized that I did have a bit of nausea and had been lacking in energy. I threw up twice....once while intensely cleaning on an empty stomach and once from drinking way to much acidic orange juice in the morning. Very fast.

Summary of 2nd trimester-Started feeling the baby move, had tons of energy, felt great, found out the gender, finished University, was super busy....overall went by pretty felt like forever between 13 weeks and 20 weeks when we were waiting for our ultrasound.

Summary of 3rd trimester- Most of the third trimester has flown by, my back has had a pinched nerve for a lot of it so that has been super painful. It is hard to go to the movies or to friends houses because I have a hard time enjoying myself when I am in pain. These past couple weeks have been extremely hot and uncomfortable..I had one day with swollen ankles but that was it. Excited for it to be over in a couple days (knock on wood).

Total Weight Gain-- As of today....39 weeks....22lbs.....I am extremely happy with this. Most people say I am huge but I haven't gained all that much lol!!

Stretch marks----I have a couple on my inner and outer thighs...and JUST discovered a couple light ones on my lower belly....probably due to her dropping. They are VERY light but I almost made it to the end without ANY on my belly. I will admit..I have some on my bum...but none on my boobs.

Anyways, husband is getting mad because my computer is still on and it is late!!! If I missed anything please don't hesitate to ask..I'm pretty honest.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

17 days.....

So I looked up at my cute little pregnancy tracker and it almost shocked me to read "17 days to go"! I am honestly so ready to have this baby!!! I believe that a healthy amount of fear resides in me but not like the fear I have been feeling in the past 8 months....I am now PRAYING to go into labour! I am over the fact that labour is going to hurt and I feel completely ready for the challenge. I guess it has been a couple weeks since I last posted so I will just go through a couple things that we have been up to in July. On Canada Day we spent time with Andrew's family and then met up with Brandon and Sydney to head to the fireworks. We got pretty good spots and were able to see all the fireworks and hear all the crazy drunk people threatening to beat each other up haha! On the holiday Monday, Andrew went out with the boys to dirtbike and my family and I went out to the lake to Sea doo. We had lots of fun and it was really nice to see Andrew finally having a REAL summer. I started back up to work the following day and only worked till Thursday because I planned a day trip to the Stampede with my mom and Brock. We honestly had such a blast at the Stampede! I am starting to regret not getting any pictures of any of these events but sometimes you just have so much fun that you forget to take pictures! We met up with my Grandma and Grandpa Lyons before going into the park and Brock was extremely excited to go in because he had never been before. Mom, Brock and I had to stop at the mall before we got to the Stampede grounds so we had already eaten lunch but we went into the BMO centre with my Grandma and Grandpa to find some lunch for them. We walked around and looked at all the different things they were selling. I got a delicious Hershey's chocolate milkshake and we stopped to watch the talent show for an hour while everyone ate lunch and snacked on treats. We then decided to face the crowds and go outside.......except everyone was pouring into the BMO centre because it was raining cats and dogs outside. I was scared that it was going to be like that all day and that we would have to go back to Chinook and spend our day inside. Good old Southern Alberta came through for us and within 20 minutes it was back to sunshine and heat! The rest of our day consisted of riding the west jet ride over the park, watching the superdogs show, seeing the illusionist and trampoline act, and don't forget about all the stops we made for TREATS. I couldn't ride rides this I treated myself to a snow cone, mini doughnuts and a caramel apple :) mmm.

Last Saturday, Andrew and I went to PRENATAL CLASSES....yes! I made Andrew go to prenatal classes with me :) and they were actually so fun! I found our teacher very informative and very open to answering all of the strange questions that people were asking. Andrew even piped up and asked if babies smell when they are first born...hahah....apparently a lot of other fathers were wondering that as well. I would honestly recommend them to anyone who wants to feel very prepared for labour. I realize that the baby has got to come out somehow so it might seem strange that there is classes directed at labour and delivery but I found them awesome. I have read A LOT of books and internet sites during this pregnancy but it was nice to go up to the labour rooms, see all the different contraptions and get an overall better feeling of what we are going to face. Our class ended at 3:30 so we headed out to Waterton to have some fun together before baby gets here. We got dinner at Wieners of Waterton and walked around the park. We sat at Cameron falls and let the mist cool us off before we headed to get some of that famous Big Scoop ice-cream (AKA Nestle ice-cream). We went and visited my friend Megan at the lodge and then ran into my family on the picnic benches outside of Wieners of Waterton....they didn't even invite us!!! I swore we saw all of Lethbridge in isn't that always how it goes!

This week I finished work yesterday and have been basking in my freedom! I really don't know what I am going to do for the next 2 weeks so I hope this baby girl comes early!! The only things I want to do before having her is finish our prenatal classes (this Saturday) and get my hair done sometime next week. So I'm thinking that next weekend would be perfect for her to come!!

OH YEAH! I forgot about my birthday!!! I turned 22 on Monday and had the most wonderful birthday! I slept in and then my brother Brock and I spent the whole day together! We went grocery shopping, bought Captain America and ate McDonald's in my bed while watching Captain America! I love that kid so much! He and I have such a blast together! We then went over to my parents house for pulled pork (my moms speciality) and enjoyed a delicious chocolate birthday cake :) my family is awesome! My parents gave me a large sum of money and I had already saved up my play money for the month and Andrew gave me money from his limo run a couple weekends I had enough to buy a Nikon 90D!! I am getting it on Monday and we got a screaming deal on it so I can pay for it with no stress! Happy Birthday to me! I am so dang spoiled!!!! I hope to learn how to use it before the baby comes so I can get lots of great shots of her!

Anyways.... onto the pregnancy!!! I am now 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I have officially gained 22 lbs in the past 8 and a half months and my fundal measurement is 37 cm, which is perfect for how far along I am. Scarlette's heart rate is down from 160 (which was the first time we heard her heartbeat) to 144 bpm! This is great news seeing as baby's heart rate needs to come down near the end of pregnancy. She has now been in head down position for the past 2 months and isn't going anywhere! I got checked this past week, for all those who don't actually is more painful then what I thought and also a whole lot different then what I thought. I honestly thought when they measure how dilated you were it was an external measurement.....nope! definitely way on up there! Anyways...I am not dilated at all but apparently my cervix is very soft....I better get drinking that raspberry leaf tea! Other then that I have been feeling pretty good. The heat is really getting to me this week because it is hard for me to get comfortable and I already have an internal heater!

Anyways!! I'm off to cool down and enjoy the rest of my week!