Monday, April 23, 2012


Well I swore we would never to Vivint again and here we are a year later doing Vivint. Plus the biggest surprise of all is that I convinced Andrew to go lol. I figured he is so talented at it and it is such good money for a little family that doesn't really have anything tying us down that we might as well. This summer Andrew has headed up to the North West Territories.....yeah....that is a far ways. We have decided to just do two months to make some money and then he will come back and get a normal job while we await our little one to come. I have talked to my doctor and he says that I can even go visit him which is awesome!! I will probably go up half way through May and spend a couple weeks up there seeing the sights and spending time with Andrew. It will be a nice little adventure before the baby comes so we are pretty excited. I am a bit nervous that I will get lonely down here all alone because my love language is quality time but I'm sure the next few months will go fast and I will find some things to do in the mean time.

Today I took a final exam and got 100% so I got an A+ in the class and left feeling pretty good about myself. I have two more exams, one on Saturday and one on Monday....yeah I know....the very last exam!!!! I am just working at MVO and Thriftway for the time being and trying to bank enough hours to get maternity leave...does anyone know what you have to do to get maternity leave???

Baby is doing great, she is growing everyday! This past week I have been having a lot of back pain..I can only sit for about an hr before my back starts throbbing. I then have to get up, walk around, do some stretches in the office is quite the site to see. My ribs are also getting sore due to the fact my uterus is expanding. I have also realized that the heat of the summer is not going to be my friend. Today it was 30 degrees in Lethbridge and I was starting to feel the "I don't wanna be pregnant anymore feeling"....I'm only 26 weeks haha!

Anyways, that is all from the Maclean family! Hope I have a more exciting post next time :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sick Sick Sick

This week I got sick. I honestly thought I was invincible since beginning to take prenatal vitamins. I use to get sick 3 or 4 times a year but I haven't been sick since I began taking vitamins in September (almost 8 months!!). It was easter weekend though, so you how family get togethers always speed up the process of a sickness going around. I called my mom to tell her I was sick and ask her what I could take and surprise surprise, everyone except for Ciara and Austin are sick in my house. My mom told me I really couldn't take anything and I might just have to suffer through it. So my routine has consisted of hot water and lemon juice (only soothes for about 30 minutes before you need some more), tylenol every 4 hours, lots of water, polysporin on the nose, vicks on the chest and my fuzzy blanket. Andrew has been an absolute amazing husband. He got up about a million times yesterday to get me water, groceries, blankets, magic bag and he even rubs my back when I need him too. He is currently sleeping right now because I think I kept him up all night last night. Did I emphasize how much I HATE being sick. It is so hard for me to have a soar throat, especially since I can't take any meds.

Anyways, I have 3 more days of school and then 2 final exams and I am DONE SCHOOL! I am sooooooooo excited! Baby is doing great and she is moving like crazy this week. She moves throughout the day now and I usually just felt her at night time. I have even got to the point where I can lift up my shirt and see my belly shifting every which way. Last night after I had drank my lemon hot drink the baby was going crazy. Andrew got to feel her for like 10 minutes lol.

Hope everyone has a great week! And stay healthy!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick Update

Well, not too much news this week. I'm apologizing in advance for people who find this blog boring now due to the fact that most of my posts are about the baby haha. I am kinda using this blog as a pregnancy journal because I never do too well when it comes to a pen and paper journal. This week Scarlet has been kicking up a storm and I can tell she is getting stronger each week. On saturday when Andrew went to the priesthood session I was doing homework and had the lights off when all of a sudden my macbook got bumped. I realized that Scarlet was kicking my macbook!! I think it was because the bright light from the screen was shining in her face or something. By the time Andrew got home she had stopped so he didn't get to see it but just a couple nights ago we were laying in bed and I told him to put his hand on my belly. I wanted it to be legit so I told him to keep it there and I wasn't going to tell him when she kicked. Sure enough she kicked and he said "I felt that!" and I knew it was a legitimate kick! Anyways he felt a couple kicks but then got freaked out hahah. Anyways next week I have to go for the infamous "orange pop" lab to test for gestational diabetes. I'm pretty sure that I just have low blood sugar but we will see.

As for school, I am absolutely swamped! This is the first time I have really sat down and done something recreational on the computer. I have had 2 huge groups projects and 1 huge position paper which have taken up all my spare time. After this week I have a couple more quizzes here and there and a bunch of presentations and then I am HOME FREE! Unfortunately I have 2 exams on the very LAST day of exam week but fortunately I only have 2 exams haha. After that it will be summer time for me! I figure I probably can't find a job for 2 months anyways so I am going to use my spare time learning to sew/DIY projects haha. I have never had enough time in the past 4 years to do any recreational things consistently so it will be a nice break before baby.

Anyways hope everyone is doing well :)