Saturday, May 19, 2012


Well folks, I am in the YUKON! I can't believe that I am actually only a few short hours away from Alaska. If Andrew had his PR card and passport then we could go...but we can't :( I might just get him to drive me to the border so I can go across but that might be a pricey trip seeing as gas is $1.36 here! WAHH?? it was $1.12 when I left Lethbridge. Anyways, monday I got all packed up and ready to go. I cleaned the house and made sure to take out the garbage, packed my scrapbooking stuff, a couple books, some tv shows and my warm clothes. I knew I was going to miss Brock really bad so we had a sleepover on Monday night and I took him to school on Tuesday morning....let me just say...if Scarlette is my only girl I will be completely happy. It took me 15 minutes to feed, dress, brush teeth, do hair and pack up Brock to take to school. BOYS ARE THE BEST! So I took Brock to school and my Grandma and Grandpa picked me up at 10:30. Can I just say I have the best grandma and grandpa EVER. Honestly, they would do anything for me, they would drop whatever they are doing to help me out and I love them for it! We got to Calgary and picked up my Aunt Sheryl and then headed to Chinook mall for lunch. We did a couple errands and then my grandpa dropped my grandma and I off at the airport at around 3ish. My grandma REFUSED to let me carry my luggage through the airport even though it has wheels (haha) so she took me to baggage drop off and then we said our goodbyes. I got to my terminal and read my book while waiting to board. Can I just say I always get nervous before flying!! My first flight took my to Vancouver and then my next flight flew me all the way up to Whitehorse. The flights were alright but I doubt I will ever want to fly again pregnant. Even though it was a pressurized plane, I definitely felt a lot of pressure on my belly and it got very hard for some reason. I felt like I was a balloon ready to pop but I prayed a lot ( A LOT) and I knew I would be ok. I walked around between flights but I only had about half an hour before we boarded again so I don't think I had adequate time to stretch and get the blood moving. By the time I got to the Yukon I was pretty tired. Andrew came and got me at the airport and then took me to McDonald's for some dinner because he has no food. We then got to our hotel...which is literally right across the street from McDonald's and decided we would chill out. I chatted Andrew's ear off and then fell dead asleep haha. The next morning I was up at 7:30 because it was technically 8:30 my time. Andrew and I got ready and then looked out the window to see a winter wonderland LOL!! I laughed at myself because I have been saying all winter that I cheated it.....but it has a way of getting back at me. I took pictures but I don't have the right cord to download them right now. Andrew showed me around the Yukon and told me all the places that we are going to explore further when there isn't so much snow everywhere. Since then Andrew has drove me around Whitehorse but due to his schedule we haven't done much yet and he promised to teach me how to drive the car so I could get around during the days but he says he doesn't trust me. SO I have already read 2 books, watched the last season of OTH and had plenty of naps :) Tomorrow is Sunday so we will go to church and then maybe go do some sight seeing. Hope this post wasn't too long for anyone ;) I will take some pics of our hotel room and upload them to facebook perhaps.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday update!

MY LIFE---Well it looks like I'm heading up to the Yukon next week!!! I'm sooo excited! More so to see Andrew but it will be a fun little adventure to explore the Yukon. I am planning to pack my suitcase with my scrapbooking stuff, books and all the things I usually don't have time to do. On Monday I have a check up with the doctor and I will be 29 weeks!!! When I get back I will be 32 or 33 weeks ?? I'm not sure. Anyways the past week I have just been working at MVO and getting the house ready for the baby as I will be gone for the next month. It's not fair that Maggie gets to be in Florida during selling season and I am headed up to the Yukon lol!

MY PREGNANCY--- This week the baby has definitely been putting on weight, at approximately 2 lbs and 4 oz. I have been feeling the extra weight on my internal organs ( specifically my bowels ..sorry if that is too much information lol). I've noticed that when I get up I immediately have to pee, even if I JUST went. I have had no heartburn or indigestion that they speak about in the 3rd trimester. I have also been able to see the baby move CRAZY amounts recently. I will sit down and it will be like my belly is having a seizure because she is kicking up a storm...soon it will be too squishy for her to do this.....gwahahahhaah. My belly button is ALMOST level with my belly which is really quite creepy but as long as I don't see stretch marks I am extremely grateful. Overall I have feeling absolutely GREAT. I honestly have been so blessed in this pregnancy. I look back and feel that I have had an ideal pregnancy, obviously there is going to be some negatives but I have definitely had a great pregnancy compared to others. I'm really starting to get excited about getting to meet my little girl. My friend Brittany had her baby at 36 weeks so even though I'm not expecting a birth that early, I am aware that sometimes babies surprise us! I have approximately 8 to 11 weeks left :)

Church--I was called to primary chorister and this week I did a pretty bad job lol!! I was super prepared but I didn't feel like the kids were very receptive to me...maybe because it is primary singing time. If anyone has any good ideas for mother's day PLEASE COMMENT! I was thinking about singing songs about love and helpfulness??

Anyways have a great week everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

School is OVER!

I am so excited that school is over!! Of course my last set of exams had to follow suit of every other exam week I have ever had and land on the last days of exam week. I had one exam on Saturday night from 6pm till 8pm.....honestly who sets an exam at that time?? I kept checking the website to make sure I was reading it right...I even googled 1800-2000 because I swore it couldn't be 6 till 8. Then I had an exam yesterday at 2 till 4:30. What a nice feeling to walk out of the UofL and know that I had accomplished my goal! 4 years of long....but short in some ways. I also ended up getting all my grades back today and it was A's all around! I am so blessed to have been able to keep it together during this semester while being pregnant and all. Even though the first little bit was rough I didn't really notice it was rough till I got into my second trimester and realized I was feeling A LOT better. One of the greatest blessings I feel from going to school is that my children will be able to have an educated mother. Some of the best skills I picked up from the UofL were not typically what I would have thought I would have walked away from University knowing. Firstly, I learned that you need to do your research!! Just because someone educated tells you something doesn't mean it is true, you need to go off and do your own research about it and find out if it actually is true. Secondly, I learned to work well with others....yeah we all know about those group projects and members who aren't pulling their weight. Well, life is like that!! So you have to learn how to positively motivate people to pull their weight, even if it means dividing the project into parts that everyone has strengths in (computer spreadsheets, speaking parts, research etc). Thirdly, you can get a University degree without being that smart. LOL I am honestly not that smart but I grew up with a bunch of girls that had parents who were really educated and pushed them to be the best they could be. My parents are very smart as well but sometimes I feel that they may lack confidence in themselves due to how people may look upon their career paths. University is not about being smart, it is about working hard! I worked my butt off to get the grades I did and I learned to work my butt off from my parents! I probably don't say this enough but my parents are so awesome!! Sometimes I look at people around me and parents really taught me how to be self sufficient and how to work hard for everything I have. Andrew and I are both very blessed but we definitely are not handed things like other people in the world. Whilst doing my taxes this year I realized that I have paid $40,000 in tuition fees in the past 4 years (keep in mind I switched majors and bought a lot of textbooks). I have a $5000 student loan and $4000 already saved up from that past couple months of working that is going towards that. WHEW!!! some people are in a lot more debt then that after they are done with University (my husband is also grateful he didn't have to bail me out of debt hehehe).

Anyways, I guess this post was just something that I can look back at and remember the way I was feeling after graduating. I am so grateful for Gordon B. Hinckley and the way he encouraged girls to get an education. I now have the ability to support our family if anything every happens to Andrew (I hope it never does). It also gives me the ability to go back to work after my youngest is in grade 1 so I can further increase my skills :) Well, time for bed! I gotta go to work in the morning ;)