Friday, September 23, 2011

LIFE gets BUSY...SO listen UP

Well, I can actually be considered one of the worst bloggers ever. Some people blog everyday and I wish I did because I am missing out on capturing so many good moments in a place where I can remember them. So here it is.....we have moved back to Lethbridge from Calgary which has been SUCH a blessing. We have been back for about a month now and it feels like longer. School got started on the 7th of September and I have just been flying through it since then...I even have my first midterm next week on wednesday which is a little scary seeing as my prof is rated as one of the hardest/worst markers at the UofL...never comforting when the comments about him read " AVOID AT ALL COSTS" .."WORST PROF EVVER" and "TESTS ON STUFF HE DOESNT TEACH" a little nervous over that but oh well!

For the past couple weeks I have been wrapped up in a ton of information sessions about accounting firms all over Alberta. The first couple weeks I was going every night to learn about them, we also had a huge career fair where I got to meet some more HR people and CA's. For anyone who doesn't know how it works this is the basic run get a degree...apply to a firm...hopefully get on...then work all day and go to school all night for another 2 years. SO at first I was super pumped and started working on my sweet resume and cover letters and then I was approached about possibly doing a co-op beforehand to make sure what designation I would like to get. So I completely stopped writing graduate position cover letters and started writing a new type of resume for co-op positions and some more cover letters. To say the least I was a busy busy bee and even though I was still reading my scriptures and saying my prayers I wasn't really asking about what decision was the right one..I was just praying that I would be successful...WRONG ANSWER NICOLE.

Of course my Heavenly Father loves me and knows that even though I SHOULD be listening..sometimes he has to make things VERY clear for me to get them. This brings me to institute ....hahah doesn't it feel like institute always brings answers. I'm taking institute with Brother Wood this semester because I really wanted to do a deep study of the Book of Mormon. Whenever I go to institute my mind is always focused and I can really feel the promptings of the spirit. This week I went to institute and we talked about Moroni...and how in the last chapters of Mormon he is talking about how he has seen our day and how he knows what our struggles will be..and how if we liken the scriptures to ourselves that we can be guided in the direction we should go. Moroni talks about how people in this day and age will be wrapped up in riches, titles, pride, fine apparel etc etc. At that very moment I realized that at this point in my life the only reason I want to get a designation in the accounting field is because of the title...and to show off to others that I can do it and for the money and basically for ALL the WRONG reasons. So that left me pondering....what do I do now...I know that the Lord wants me to finish my degree because President Hinckley made sure that us girls get ourselves a good education but do I get it and start to work or try to start going for the designation for the right reasons or what!!! anyways I have a lot more praying to do to figure that one out and I won't bore you with the thoughts in my mind but I just thought it would be interesting to share that cool experience.

I love when you have moments like that to solidify your testimony of the spirit and that God knows all things. I am so grateful that I get so much help in my life..I am pretty prideful and stubborn so it is nice to have some guidance when I need it. I don't really know what else to say but life is great! Andrew works a lot so I miss him but overall we have settled back into our cute little apartment and we are excited to be back in a ward that will give us callings!!!! Anyways now I am tired and I should go to bed!
Love the Macleans!