Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"The one where the blonde girl signs up for stuffing"

We are still alive but barely hanging on! Life with a baby is BUSY!

So a couple sunday's ago the ward christmas party sign up sheet went around. Seeing as I have been married for almost 2 years I figured it was about time to start pitching in. The list included turkey, potatoes, dressing and dessert. I knew with a baby that I wouldn't have time to peel all those potatoes or make a huge dessert and I was for sure not going to attempt a turkey.....salad dressing seemed like an easy enough option. I thought there might be veggies and dip so I might have to mix up a big dill dip or something like that. I don't really know how I came to find out that dressing means stuffing during the Christmas season but I'm pretty sure my mom clued me in. She and a lot of other people she told thought it was hilarious!! So the day before the ward christmas party a lady drops off this HUGE thing of bread, onions, celery etc....."dressing" for 50 people!!! I started to the heck am I going to do all this and keep my baby quiet while doing it. Plus, it isn't something that you can just make and put in the fridge till the has to be made in time to still be warm for the party. Thursday afternoon around 2 pm I thought I would get a jump start on cutting the vegetables. I started with the celery..which had to be diced. I diced and diced and diced for an hour before I had what it called for. Then Scarlette was fussy so I went to feed her...I went back to the kitchen and started on the this time it was 3:30 and I still had a huge list of other things to do for the stuffing (keep in mind I have never made stuffing before so I didn't know how long it would take me). I started chopping up the onions and my eyes were literally pouring out I started chopping with my eyes closed...probably not a good call. I look around the room trying to find something I could use to stop the onions from bothering my eyes and I spotted Andrew's chemistry goggles sitting on the table. I plopped those on and went back to work (picture a make-upless, PJ wearing mess with chemistry goggles on). I called Andrew at 4 and told him that I need him to come home early or else I wouldn't get the stuffing in the oven on time ( lady told us to put it in for an hour and a half). When I called him I told him I was wearing his chemistry goggles and he burst out laughing. Fortunately, he came home 10 minutes later and offered to take the crying baby but I told him I would rather him chop the rest of the onions. Andrew, thinking I was such a wimp, began chopping the onions. I was watching him intently and the onions didn't seem to bother him (obviously I had been being a wimp). Then he turns to face me and his eyes are so red and pouring out tears...we both burst out laughing. He kept saying "holy hannah..I've never chopped onions like these ones before". Needless to say we got the stuffing in the oven and it came out right in time for the party. I know our stuffing was the worst one there but at least we have a hilarious story to tell our kids about the time that mom signed up for "dressing".

This post is written especially for Brittany.....Andrew and I are headed out to a work Christmas party right now but I will update on Scarlette and some other cute stories tomorrow I promise!!