Friday, April 30, 2010


Hey everybody!!
So I finally finished school on wednesday and it was like death! Everyone else had been done for over a week so I was feeling pretty much stuck alone at the school all the time. Well some of the marks have been posted, I got a couple A+'s and then some B's in my tough classes so I was pretty happy with the outcome of all my hard work. I'm so excited to be in accounting now instead of pharmacy...I LOVE going to school now. Anyways the past couple weeks I was telling everyone I was so excited to be done but now that I am, I am already bored out of my mind. It has only been two days of doing nothing and all I have done is sat around in my room watching the O.C. and eating food! The weather went crazy again but now it's looking sunshiny so I'm thinking maybe I should go for a walk or something tonight. Well nothing much else has happened lately but hopefully I'll be in waterton in the next couple weeks and I'll have more to do during the day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Crazy SNOW!!

Well today was interesting, we had a massive freak snow storm in the middle of april yesterday so everybody at my house decided to take a snow day today. I was so excited about having a day off that I got comfy in my bed and got my study notes out and decided I would lay in bed and study.....zzzzzz.....yeah that didn't work out so well. So after lunch I packed up my books and asked my daddy to drive me to school in his big truck. We shut the shop down today because all the people who supply our parts were out of power. Anyways so there I was on my snow day...sitting in the library studying...I am such a nerd!!!! Well I only have 4 more classes and counting till I am DONE! I can't believe another year of school has gone by again. I seriously feel like i just graduated but I've actually been out for 2 years....time flies. So now that I've wasted a sufficient amount of time on facebook and on here I should probably get back to the books!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My First Blog

So all of my friends were getting these blog spots and I decided to join. I thought it would be a fun way to share my thoughts and what I have been up to with whoever wanted to read about it! Plus it's a good way to have a journal that you can look back on whenever you want. Today I woke up and was walking from the institute building to the school and there was this nice warm wind blowing and I just thought it was a beautiful day, then I walked out of the school after class back to the institute building and it was NOT a nice day anymore haha! The wind was cold and it kept blowing dirt into my eyes and shoes and...oh my goodness...not a fun experience. On a better note, it was my very last psych 1000 night class! woo hoo! only one more week of classes..which means I'll be in the library non-stop..what fun it shall be. Atleast some of my other friends are nerds so we will be able to chat if we get bored. Anyways it is 11:07 and I should really be getting to bed..ya know that 9 oclock class comes earlier then you would expect...or maybe I just like my sleep a lot. Night!!