Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Lexi Lou

So I actually should have updated a few days ago because I found out the results of my ultrasound on Wednesday but I got too busy being greasy and not cleaning my house....oh and by the way her middle name isn't Lou, I just keep calling her that haha. I went for my ultrasound on Monday and I usually get the gears every time I go because my dating has been off for both pregnancies. I always keep track of my dates but apparently my babies like to measure small at the 20 week ultrasound. This whole pregnancy "MY" due date has been April 9th haha...I just don't have the heart to change it in my mind after I go for my 20 week ultrasound. This time around I was given April 20th as my real due date at my 20 week US...quite a ways off. With Scarlette "MY" due date was July 31st but at the 20 week US they said August 8th...and she came the 13th...that's why it seemed like it took forever for her to get here!! Anyways, every time I go the US tech is super hard on me when I tell them what my LMP was. They NEVER believe me and always thoroughly explain that their dates are much more accurate...which I'm sure is true..but when an emotional pregnant lady gets delivered the news that she has to be pregnant for 2 weeks more then what she thought, it sucks! Backtrack to my last post if you didn't read it---my fundal height was measuring 30 and hadn't changed in 4 weeks so I was sent to have an US done to see if my baby was still growing. The US at this appointment was being skeptical about my dates and kept drilling me on if I was "sure that 34 weeks sounded correct". I just nodded my head because that was technically how far along I was for my April 20th due date (I know this all getting very confusing.) I couldn't POSSIBLY have my due date bumped to May or else I would DIE!!! I had a positive pregnancy test BEFORE Scarlette's first birthday on August 13th so this would imply that I was going to be pregnant for over 10 months....gah! I was praying my doctor wouldn't put me through that torture. I scoured the internet till Wednesday seeing what would happen if they bumped my due date but according to a bunch of very trusted sites (haha) the 20 week ultrasound is the most accurate so they would use that due date. I called the doctors office on Wednesday to see if my baby was still growing and I swear I heard the most glorious words uttered out of Kelsey's mouth haha!! She said "On Monday your baby was measuring 35 weeks 5 days"...therefore on Wednesday my baby was 36 weeks which is exactly in line with my April 9th due date (though once again, they will go with the more accurate 20 week US). I was SO happy afterwards!! This baby is growing after all! Then I had a laugh to myself because the US tech probably thought I was crazy when she asked if "34 weeks sounded correct?" and I just nodded my head with I'm sure a look of panic on my face...when really she was seeing a big fat 36 week baby on her screen. yay!

So I just read the post back and it is very confusing....props to you if you understood one word of it haha.

4 week countdown!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Perfect Day

Maybe it was the weather but Scarlette and I had THE perfect day today. Scarlette is a great little girl everyday but she was SOOO happy today. I woke up at 8am and laid in bed for a little while, browsing Facebook and instagram. I saw the notification about the water conservation warning and I selfishly took a quick shower because I had visiting teaching appts. tonight and I looked terrible. I wanted to have one before the possibility of the City having to boil the water. I thought for sure the sound of the shower would wake Scarlette up but she continued to snooze. I went upstairs and made myself some PB&J for breakfast and quietly watched Kelly and Michael. It felt JUST like the last few weeks that I was pregnant with Scarlette. I even thought to myself...."I don't think I have showered and ate breakfast alone since Scarlette was born". It was kind of nice to have the morning to myself and spend some time focusing on Lexi for once. The days seem to FLY by during a second pregnancy, you hardly have time to ponder the second one haha. Scarlette eventually woke up around 10:45am and was all smiles when I went in to get her. She had some milk and PB&J for breakfast/lunch and I fixed her VERY messy hair  and got her dressed for the day (no bath for her haha I'm such a great mom). Andrew came home for lunch and we chatted with him while he was here and he informed me that he had sold our truck! yay!! He recently bought a little truck for $200 and fixed it up so we were able to sell our expensive truck for our house savings account! After lunch Scarlette and I gathered up the recyclables and jumped in the car. We stopped at the shop to pick up their recyclables and ran over to Green's pop shop. We scored $30 and Scarlette was totally mesmerized by the bottle depot...though her nose got all scrunched up when we first arrived haha. There were these little puppies in the vehicle next to us and when we went to walk down to the little store to collect our money these puppies went nuts for Scarlette. She LOVED them too. She kept barking the whole ride over to Costco. We got some groceries and picked up some PJ's that were on sale. I seriously should be banned from that store...I spend way more then I ever save. Scarlette wanted to try ALL the samples, she pointed to all the tables but I only let her try a couple of them haha. She especially loved the chocolate almond milk...too bad it was $15!! She fell asleep on the way home and had a little nap while I hauled everything inside. We made lasagna for dinner and cleaned up the house then I opened the back door and let her play outside on the deck. She was having an absolute ball...she kept bringing rocks in for me haha. Andrew came home around 7pm and she gobbled down his lasagna lol....she is such a weird little girl with eating...she never wants to eat off of my plate but she will eat whatever Andrew is eating. We played downstairs and folded some laundry while Daddy showered and now we are cuddled up watching Toopy and Binoo. Out of all the cartoons she has to like the weirdest one...I mean the mouse is a cross dresser. She has even got to the point where I had to buy her a Toopy and Binoo DVD because she refuses to watch any other cartoons. Anyways, this post was a total run-down of our very boring day but for some reason we just had SUCH a good day and I wanted to be able to look back and remember this first day of spring and how happy we were!! Also, I will be calling the Clinic tomorrow to see if my ultrasound results are in yet. It was a super long US so I'm hoping all is good with Lexi and that she is growing. I will update when I can!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Baby Lexi Update

So last month I went into the doctors office for my 30 week appt. and my fundal height was right on, heart beat was good and head was down. Yesterday, I went in for my 34 week appt. and my fundal height was still 30!!! Heartbeat was 160 bpm and my glucose test came back negative which is great but my doctor couldn't quite figure out what he was feeling so we don't really know what position the baby is in anymore. I'm going in on Monday for another ultrasound so hopefully we can figure out what position this little munchkin is in. I am really hoping she was just sitting weird at the appt. and that she is still growing big and strong! I didn't gain very much weight between this appt. and the last though so I am a little bit worried about her. Kick count is still awesome though and I am still trying to eat a well balanced diet. I'm really hoping they don't have to take her out early and have her in the NICU. How ironic would that be....Scarlette wants to bake forever and this one has decided to stop baking. Anyways, I went out today and got a few things for the baby...not that she needs much. I got a baby book at Costco as well as a pack of onesies so that she can have a few things that aren't hand-me-downs. My grandma was getting on my case because I didn't have anything JUST for Lexi haha...we do have way too many clothes but Andrew also said something on Saturday about getting a few things that are JUST for Lexi so she doesn't complain when she is older that she had nothing new.  I also couldn't resist getting the girls matching owl PJ's ...they are so dang cute!! I can't believe we are already at the 5 week countdown!! Also, here are some funny pregnancy brain moments in the last few weeks.
1. Stood at the drier for about a minute trying to figure out why it wouldn't turn on...low and behold the door is wide open. Andrew and I had a good laugh at that one.
2. Ordered a disney piano book so I could play some songs for Scarlette. I must not have been paying attention but when it arrived and I opened it up I seriously burst out laughing because it is something I would have played when I was 10! I looked at the front cover to see EASY PIANO across the top.
3. Hid a box of Oreo's from Andrew a while back and went to get the popcorn maker and found the Oreo's!
4. All my maternity wear has gotten pretty tight so I have been wearing night gowns around the house as shirts because they are comfortable and long. Last night, Andrew and I were getting ready to watch a movie in bed (don't worry Scarlette was with us...this isn't X-rated haha) I decided to get in my "PJ's" so I took my Lulu's off, realized the convenience of wearing a night gown as a shirt and proclaimed "I guess I'm already in my jammies!". I don't know why, maybe we are way too overtired, but we both just burst out laughing and couldn't stop. Andrew says that he wishes he could film some of the stuff I do.

Anyways, that is the update for the week!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Day 2014

I'm a little behind in my posting but hope to catch up in the next few days. For Family Day we went out to my Grandpa's ranch to have a wiener roast and do some quadding. It was suppose to be cold but I didn't realize it was going to be THAT cold. I didn't want to get out of the car when we got there!!! Scarlette slept in the car for an hour while we played on the quad but then she woke up and joined in on the fun. She LOVED playing in the snow and wanted to get close to the fire so she got frustrated when we wouldn't let her go past the circle of chairs. My dad just bought a quad so I enjoyed riding it around the ranch a even had heated handlebars which was sweet!! We were out there for most of the afternoon and then headed back into town. My Dad bought me that Olympics Chicken Mcnugget meal which was delish haha and we hung out for a couple hours that evening. My siblings and Mom all went to Disneyland so we were a little jealous that they were enjoying the heat while we were freezing our butts off but we still had lots of fun!!!

Anyways, I think this was probably my first blog post full of pictures but that pretty much sums up our day! I didn't even realize I didn't get a photo with my little snow bunny....sad....