Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Can I just reiterate how hilarious Scarlette is with a few of the things she has said this week.

Andrew- "Do you need help?" (she's using the bathroom) 
Scarlette- "No! I need privacy!" 

The girls and I are driving in the car
Scarlette- "Daddy fixes cars? 
Me- "Yep, Daddy fixes lots of different cars." 
(There is a huge dirty yellow school bus stopped next to us) 
Scarlette- "Well, he really needs to clean that bus. It's so dirty." 

Hilarious that she thinks fixing cars means washing them...her daddy is a glorified car wash. Love it. 

I'm taking a bath the other day when Andrew peaks in to see what I'm doing and offers to get me some bubble bath from downstairs. Lexi is already in bed for the night so he leaves the door open and runs downstairs, whilst downstairs he needs to stop for a bathroom break (#2) after about 5 minutes of him being gone and the bath is all filled up, I figure that's what he is doing and I decide to call for Scarlette to come close the door for me. She sees what I am doing and says OK, and runs back into her room. Now, I figure I'm hooped. All of a sudden a little naked girl runs into the bathroom, closes the bathroom door and says "There mommy, I closed the door for you" and proceeds to jump into the bath. So much for my alone time. How is it that Andrew always ends up with no kids when it is suppose to me "mommy time". He is strangely good at that. 

I made stroganoff a few weeks ago and made her try a bite, she really really didn't want to, so it was kind of forced on her haha. She spit it out and started gagging, like we had fed her poison. Then she started to bawl. I was kind of miffed that she was making such a big deal so I kind of ignored her while I was cleaning up the food all over the floor. Then I went to my room and she followed me crying. Eventually, I felt sad that she was so upset haha so I picked her up and cuddled her and asked her why she wouldn't eat the nice dinner I made her. She said " I don't like Mommy food, I only like Scarlette food!" "what is Scarlette food?" "It's bread and cheese and juice". Which is basically all she eats around here haha. Also, she gives all the food she doesn't want to eat, to Lexi. 

She definitely keeps us on our toes! She is pretty sassy. I wish I could get some of her mannerisms on camera lol. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


My blogging has seriously been lacking over the past year! However, I've decided not to make New Year's resolutions this year because they always put way too much pressure on me haha. Instead, I have a small list of things that I would like to do better but if it doesn't end up happening, I won't be disappointed in myself. Pretty much the lazy way out haha! Christmas was really nice but very busy. We had both of our families over for Christmas eve for personal pizza's and dessert. My family watched a Christmas movie while we skyped Andrew's sisters. He has six of them and only one was able to make it over to our house for Christmas Eve. Esther and her family live in Hong Kong so we skyped them first, the kids were opening presents (time difference) and so we didn't keep them too long! We got Anna next, who lives in Idaho Falls. She had John on her lap and he was giving us the CUTEST faces. We had a good little visit with her, we were talking about how excited we were to meet her new babe who arrived December 29th. Next was Rebecca, who lives in Grand Prairie. I actually was changing Lexi at the time so I missed her call unfortunately. Karina was hosting a dinner party so we skyped her later that night. Miriam and Barry were headed to Cardston on Christmas day, and the boys were having supper at the Maclean's, so we exchanged gifts and got way too spoiled!!! 

The kids played while we ate way too much dessert! After the Maclean side left, the Hendry's played some card got kind of wild!! We had a blast, I even pre-wrapped all the Christmas presents so I wouldn't be up until 2am doing that. After everybody left, Andrew helped me clean the house and I set up everything for Christmas morning!! My family came over for breakfast and the kids opened their presents. I honestly cannot express how spoiled my children are. It kind of just works out that way when you are the only one with kids. 1 and 3 year olds are way to fun to buy for! Plus, you can honestly get so much stuff for $100! That was my budget for both kids, and I think I ended up spending $150 on each of them with clothes and PJ's included. What can I say?? I have a problem. At least I'm admitting it haha. 

For Journaling Reasons
Great Grandma Lyons got the girls a little peoples nativity set, matching "thing 1" and "thing 2" PJ's, and some super cute books. 
Grandma Hendry got Lexi a Dress-up box with crowns, wands, rings etc. and Scarlette got a Sky and Chase paw patrol set...which she was ecstatic about and they each got a really cute outfit from Children's Place. 
Grandpa Hendry got Lexi dinosaurs and Jasmine PJ's, and Scarlette got a minnie mouse purse with lip stick, cell phone etc. and a Frozen Night gown. 
Uncle Austin got Lexi a little people's bath set and he got Scarlette another Ariel Barbie (which she had picked out with him a few days earlier) 
Auntie Ciara got Lexi some kitchen food in a cute little basket, Scarlette got paw patrol and good dinosaur books. Plus, we needed a roaster for Christmas dinner and she got that for us too! What a great sister! 
Grandma&Grandpa Maclean got the girls a Frozen sticker book and the cutest little music box I have ever seen. She gave me the cutest fridge magnet with coupons for certain meals I had been asking to learn how to cook. I'm excited to learn from her. 
Auntie Miriam and Uncle Barry got the girls a big Sky (from paw patrol) and the cutest little matching hair bows. 
Uncle Joe got the girls Carhard gear that they looked adorable in!! 
Andrew and I got Lexi some clothes, PJ's, water painting books, look&find books, a Frozen collapsible ball pit and a little monkey baby that makes screeching noises that are very similar to the ones that Lexi makes haha! She clicked on it's tummy and immediately started screeching. Scarlette got a pets alive turtle, which she had spotted on Hobby Kids, and was actually quite scared of it when we opened it up and put it on the floor (she has since warmed up to it). She also got quite a few books (I have an addiction to children's books!!). She got a new Ariel dress that fits, with shoes and a wand. 
Santa brought Lexi a little piano and some boots. Scarlette got Rocky from Paw patrol. 

After all the hoopla of present opening, we sat down and ate a huge breakfast that Andrew had made for us. He slaved over it! mmm...I'm hungry just thinking about it. Then we cleaned up, bathed the girls and started getting the roast ready for supper. Then, in pure Christmas day tradition, everyone crashed on the couch for a good snooze. We had roast, mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, carrots and peas for supper. Followed by my mom's delicious Skor cake for dessert. After we finished cleaning up we played more games and got even more obnoxious then the night before! Austin brought catch phrase on his phone and we did boys against girls....holy man...Austin and Dad were HILARIOUS to watch. Then we played some balderdash...which was also quite hilarious. Austin is quite a good little liar!!! It totally brought back memories of when Kylie, Maggie and I use to play. Kylie was always tricking us with her detailed answers....I have always sucked at balderdash! I think my favourite moment of the whole day was when I had to move Brock's Lego (which he had spent hours building) from the kitchen table into Scarlette's room so we could eat dinner. I was just about to put it on top of her shelf when it split in half and I dropped the WHOLE thing on the floor. It did NOT just break into two pieces once it hit the floor. It was completely annihilated. I fell to the floor in hysteria....I was totally beside myself. WAY TOO FUNNY. My poor stuck with such a crappy clumsy sister. Anyways, Christmas was super fun, even if it took me a whole week to recover from it.