Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Can I just reiterate how hilarious Scarlette is with a few of the things she has said this week.

Andrew- "Do you need help?" (she's using the bathroom) 
Scarlette- "No! I need privacy!" 

The girls and I are driving in the car
Scarlette- "Daddy fixes cars? 
Me- "Yep, Daddy fixes lots of different cars." 
(There is a huge dirty yellow school bus stopped next to us) 
Scarlette- "Well, he really needs to clean that bus. It's so dirty." 

Hilarious that she thinks fixing cars means washing them...her daddy is a glorified car wash. Love it. 

I'm taking a bath the other day when Andrew peaks in to see what I'm doing and offers to get me some bubble bath from downstairs. Lexi is already in bed for the night so he leaves the door open and runs downstairs, whilst downstairs he needs to stop for a bathroom break (#2) after about 5 minutes of him being gone and the bath is all filled up, I figure that's what he is doing and I decide to call for Scarlette to come close the door for me. She sees what I am doing and says OK, and runs back into her room. Now, I figure I'm hooped. All of a sudden a little naked girl runs into the bathroom, closes the bathroom door and says "There mommy, I closed the door for you" and proceeds to jump into the bath. So much for my alone time. How is it that Andrew always ends up with no kids when it is suppose to me "mommy time". He is strangely good at that. 

I made stroganoff a few weeks ago and made her try a bite, she really really didn't want to, so it was kind of forced on her haha. She spit it out and started gagging, like we had fed her poison. Then she started to bawl. I was kind of miffed that she was making such a big deal so I kind of ignored her while I was cleaning up the food all over the floor. Then I went to my room and she followed me crying. Eventually, I felt sad that she was so upset haha so I picked her up and cuddled her and asked her why she wouldn't eat the nice dinner I made her. She said " I don't like Mommy food, I only like Scarlette food!" "what is Scarlette food?" "It's bread and cheese and juice". Which is basically all she eats around here haha. Also, she gives all the food she doesn't want to eat, to Lexi. 

She definitely keeps us on our toes! She is pretty sassy. I wish I could get some of her mannerisms on camera lol. 

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  1. Just came across this post - i love it!! You need to write all her hilarious quotes in a book