Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady Bugs

So my goal is to start blogging more often. I realize this sounds like a silly goal but I really want to get into the habit of recording funny moments and have a cool online journal type thing!!

The reason my blog is titled "Lady Bugs" is because they are all over my floor!!! There must be cracks in the windows or something but I just started noticing that even when I vacuumed every couple days, there was still specks on the floor. At first I thought it was because Andrew brings dirt into the house everyday but upon futher inspection I realized that these little specks were dead lady bugs. I looked at the windows and there was some Lady Bugs that were still alive but closer to the center of the room they had all died. They must come in to get warm and unfortunately for me I have to vacuum like a crazy!

This weekend was so much fun! Andrew got Saturday and Sunday off and I was so dang excited..I havn't been able to do anything with my husband forever...Heavenly Father must have read my last post and decided it wasn't time for snow yet!! On Friday night it was pretty late when Andrew got home so I made him spaghetti and we just watched some T.V. . On Saturday I decided to skip out on work and hang out with my babe all day. We started out doing some errands such as a Costco run and we went and got my ring back... I will leave that for another post. Then we picked up Brock and went to The Smurfs... the movie was alright.. I had more fun watching Brock laugh then anything haha he is getting so baby is growing up :(. After the movie was over we took Brock home and visited with my parents and then when to Andrew's mom and dads to visit with them. We then headed to Miriam and Barry's to make them some pumpkin bread. It was soooo good... you can get it at Costco and it makes bread or muffins or cake with cream cheese. I got to help Miriam bath Emma and it was sooo fun, Emma has her own little shower thing for her bath and it just melted my heart to see Miriam sprinkle little Emma. Miriam is such a good mom it is crazy! I am so excited that she gets to be my kids Auntie. Barry is also such a good daddy and we love spending time with them. Andrew and I were just talking about how blessed we are to have such good families.

On Sunday we went to church and someone in our marriage got a calling..not saying who yet...but it is super exciting and I will post about it next Sunday. Then we went to Brittany and Mikail's house for dinner and pumpkin carving. It was all the old roomates and really nice to see everyone. Then we went home and crashed, read some scriptures and had a good talk about how lucky we each are. It is always nice to start a week with such a great hubby. Anyways he just walked in the door so I'm going to go play with him!!

Love Nikki!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cow Poo

Sooo Andrew has this super crappy is a crappy job. He basically sucks up farm animal poop and spreads it onto farmers fields with his tractor to fertilize the land. It is really good pay but he works all he works from 5 am till 1130pm. So this year and ONLY this year...I am praying for snow. I really hate the cold snowy part about winter but this year Andrew's job ends when the snow starts. Now I never wanted to be one of those needy wifes but I am really getting there lol!!!! This summer Andrew had a job where I hardly got to see him and he was always out till late and now this fall he has had this job where I also don't get to see him till really late. He has even fallen asleep as I was trying to tell him about my day on multiple occasions haha which I always think is super cute because I hope our boys are cute like him when he sleeps but at the same time enough is enough!!!! I would like to get really dressed up, do my hair all nice, put on nice makeup and go out to a fancy restaraunt with my husband, followed by a theatre show or something of that nature. So pray for snow!!!!!!

Anyways life is pretty good this month. I am about 6 weeks from being done school and this semester is the first semester EVER that I am out during the first week of exams. I have a 21 day winter break...Andrew and I are toying with the idea of going somewhere hot before life gets busy and you end up with three kids and no vacations. If anyone has any ideas of where to get cheap cruises we would really appreciate it! I'm already counting down the days till I am basically done school. The sucky thing about transferring programs two years into University is that the pre reqs don't always line up and you are forced to go back for another semester with only one class left. So yeah...that will be me next fall...and what exactly do you tell people..haha yeah I'm graduating minus once class in the spring...??? Anyways I should just be grateful that I made it through the four years!! I am really excited to start working, I have decided that I just want to work with my degree for a little while before deciding where I want to go with it. I may just enjoy being a regular old accountant without the bells and whistles for a while. If you know of anyone looking for a regular old accountant in the Spring let me know :)

I don't really know what else to blog about. My life is so not interesting anymore haha!!!! I do enjoy spending time with my married friends though, Andrew and I really enjoy being able to play games and have people over on Sunday evenings and think we are finally settling into married life quite comfortably. I can already see the changes in the past 8 months. We have both really learned the lesson of looking inwards when there are issues instead of looking outwards. It is always easier to look inside yourself and recognize what you could be doing better to benefit the relationship and your spouse. I love how much I have grown up in the past 8 months. If you talked to me during the first couple months of marriage I probably would have told you it was hard but now I am absolutely loving it! Andrew and I have both grown so much and we feel like our relationship is so strong because of all the trials we have faced together. I am so grateful to be able to go through life with a partner, someone I can rely on when things are tough and someone who will hold the priesthood in our home. I am getting really excited for all the fun times that are ahead...especially for our first christmas together as a married couple...I find that experience will be so special for both of us.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and I enjoy reading all of your blogs so even though I am not good at commenting I still love reading!!!