Thursday, March 28, 2013


So...I'm thinking about making my blog private haha. I'm sure only a couple of you read this but I want to rant so bad but I feel like if I do and it gets back to the person I am ranting about....that I will be in trouble. Anyways, most of you who read my blog probably already know what I am thinking about ranting about and for others this will be a very vague blog post haha. I HATE when people expect you to go above and beyond but only for the bare minimum in return. I HATE that I have a degree and I can't go out and make the money I want to yet. I LOVE being a mom though and wouldn't trade it for the world but it will be nice to start working evenings again come fall time. I HATE when you think something is SO fun and others ruin it for you. I HATE that I am such a pessimist. I really need to start seeing the good in things but it is so hard for is like my brain is wired to go straight to the negatives. Anyways, this is going to be a short post till I decide what I want to do on my privacy settings.

Andrew and I are doing great. We are so excited for the warm weather and have already planned our first family camping trip, yay! Scarlette is on the verge of crawling, last week she started to rock out to some Thomas the train music haha, on tuesday she actually cried when I gave her to Andrew so I could take a shower so I went back towards her and she reached out her arms towards me, HEART MELTING MOMENT! I JUST LOVE HER. Seriously, sometimes I go crazy and think of what I would do if I ever lost her and I almost burst out crying just thinking about it. Also, it was Andrew's birthday on Sunday and I am now officially married to a 27 year old..and I am 22....hehehe. I actually shouldn't be complaining at all. How can I complain when I have a babe of a husband who is a sweetheart as well, a beautiful little girl, a wonderful place to live, food on the table and a great family.

wow...can anyone tell I'm a roller coaster of emotions haha?? BIPOLAR...started out the post being extremely negative and now I am nearly crying of happiness.